Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How was your long weekend?

Everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I don’t think I did. My Long weekend was packed with activities. I was not able to really have a quality bonding time with my daughter.

Friday night, I was in our worship rehearsal for the Sunday service. I brought my daughter with me because I missed her the other day. We had our dance rehearsal in the office and she’s already sleeping when I got home. To make up to her, I brought her with me although it was hard to have a makulit during a rehearsal.

Saturday morning, I left early not seeing her wake up since I have to attend our church worker’s prayer and fasting service. It ended at noon time. But my sister wanted to revisit Richwell so after the service, off we went to Libis. We went home at 3pm. When I arrived, the little lady was having her afternoon nap. When she woke up we went to the supermarket and had our dinner there as well.

Sunday morning was spent in the church. Saturday afternoon was spent still, in the church as it was our anniversary Sunday. All workers need to attend the 3-6pm service at our Main Church. I also passed by the Asian Museum so was able to go home at 8pm.

Monday morning, was spent to look for a business space for my sister. I also visited the village where we bought our house. Went home at 12 noon. I told the little lady that we’ll go to the mall when I return so she waited for me. She didn’t take her morning nap. She’s still awake when I got home. I just took a quick shower then together with my sister and niece, off we went to SM Marikina to have our lunch and bought some gifts for our office exchange gift. After buying the gifts, we had lunch at Pancake House. We left the mall at 2:30 since I still need to attend our high school alumni meeting. It ended at 7pm. Just bought our dinner at McDonalds and then went home. Tired and sleepy, the little lady dozed off even before we reached home. She woke up the next day na.

Today, I just got home from our dance rehearsal. I feel dog-tired since I had a really busy day. Busy with work load, Christmas party preps and the rehearsal. Whew…I need to breathe!

But I’m thankful for my daughter. She’s really my stress-buster. When I saw her cute little face smiling at me when I arrived, all my exhaustion immediately vanished.

I will be busy for the rest of the week until next week so I think I’ll just peek in here and post sporadically until such time I’m free of work loads. For now, I’ll just finish all assignments, and sleep early to prepare for tomorrow.


MiLeT said...

uy mhay antagal kong di nadalaw. goodluck sa practice, sana manalo kayo.