Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Good Morning!"

I had a wonderful morning yesterday. It’s very rare that my Jaden wakes up with a good mood and this was one of those days. I saw here curled under my arms then she hugged me and when she saw that I’m looking at her, she said, “Good morning mommy!” I responded with good morning then she stood up and pulled my arms and said, “wake up mommy”. So though I still want to lie down, I had no choice but to get up. When we get out of the room, she also greeted her yaya good morning.

I told you it’s very rare that she wake up like this..or maybe she do but I do not see it because I usually leave the house while she’s still asleep. But maybe it really helps that we had a good laugh before we slept the night before. I just hope the she will wake up this way every morning. :)

Today I’m planning to take her out since we didn’t go out last Dec. 25. I got scared to see that the malls are jam-packed. After that I’ll have to concentrate for some tasks that I need to finish which includes about spring plungers.