Saturday, December 13, 2008

Critical Decision

I have been thinking about this for quite some time now. I want my husband to just stay when he returns next year but honestly, we haven’t saved enough yet for our daughter’s education and insurance plans as well. Hubby needs to decide whether he’ll renew his contract or file an exit visa and re apply for another job. I don’t want him to renew though he really wants to. He gave me options. He said he can apply for another job that will allow him to go home after every 6 months. That’s much better but truth is, he will still be away from us. Another option is for me to work there with him and he will petition our daughter as his beneficiary so we can live there together….But I don’t want to. I’m still praying that God will lead us to the right direction and decision.

I am reminded about the term life insurance quotes from our family friend. Need to still study the quotes and see if it can fit in our budget.


MiLeT said...

uy mhay, lam mo kami din ni joseph un ang concern namin. though ang deadline ko naman sa kanya is five years. next year balak naming magbusiness. tingnan namin kung makakaya.

get well soon to you and jaden.

sweetytots said...

just listen to what your heart desires.. goodluck on your decision..