Monday, December 15, 2008

Company Christmas Party 2008

Sharing some pics during our company Christmas Party last Thursday...

The hosts of the night

Dancing the 70s hits

Receiving our cash gift - We were 2nd Place

The Benpres Group

The Christmas Party Committee

Out theme was Disco. We covered the dance moves and hits from 70s up to the year 2000. We were assigned to dance the hits of 70's. So, a month before the event, our group had several practices. Buti na lang cooperative naman and members ng aming group. Those whomI thought won't dance was able to pull it off last Thursday. :D It was a close competition between us and Toni's group, hehehe. They won the 1st prize, we were 2nd. Okay naman din. We enjoyed it.

Honestly, this was the most tiring party since I've been part of the committee for four years now, to the point na nagkasakit ako the day after. Na over fatigue yata ako... But I'll say that this is also the most fun and enjoyable Christmas party I've ever had. But I promise my self, ayoko na maging part ng committee next year. For a change I want to just sit down and wait and see what the committee will prepare for the company next year :D (sana lang pwede).


MiLeT said...

mhay, i like the curls. you look blooming. hehe.

~ Mhay ~ said...

hehehe..thanks sis! naisip ko nga after na ano kaya kung magpa kulot ako for a change? :D

MiLeT said...

actually yan din naisip ko kasi gandang ganda ako sa curls ni anevay. hahaha. pero naisip ko nakapagparelax na ko.hehe.