Friday, November 07, 2008

The Result

I was amazed at the result of the 80 Days to wellness challenge which was participated by 10 of my colleagues. It ended last Wednesday where they had their final weigh-in and the winners will be announced on the 15th. Exciting prizes awaits the groups and one is a group trip to Boracay. Wow!

Anyways, a while ago on our GA, they’ve announced that our biggest weight loser lost 25 lbs. And when asked what he did, he said he ate less rice (carbo), religiously and regularly exercises, and jokingly included frequent visits to sauna--the greatest among all fat burners. lol!

The challenge has done them good. They look healthier and slimmer after 80 days and I hope they will be able to maintain that and continue to be health conscious even if the challenge is done.