Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Weekend

Five hours to go and the weekend's over. How was it? Our weekend was so-so. Nothing really exciting happened. Although last Saturday, I was able to pick-up my daughter's passport...finally! I'm sure she doesn't care about the passport as she doesn't still know how to use it, but when I came home and showed it to her, she shouted with excitement. It's just because she saw her picture and enjoyed counting the pages, lol! I told hubby about it and he's happy as well. Pwede na daw kami mag HK disneyland! hahaha! (wish ko lang)

We had lunch at my parent's house and waited for my sister to arrive, as we planned to continue our search for our business supplier. Went home tired. Slept early for the service the next day.

Sunday, I planned to go to the mall sana kanina after church but the rain did not permit us. Instead, we stayed home and watched ASAP and My Only Hope, featuring my favorite teen couple Kim and Gerald. I feel like a teen again whenever I watch these two. Bagay kasi sila and I like seeing them together (may kilig factor). Sana nga sila na lang eh, I hope they will end up with each other cause they really look good together. (I suddenly sounds showbiz, eeeewww!! hahaha!).

Anyways, the little girl is still sleeping that's why I'm able to blog. I hope tomorrow it won't rain na because ang hirap mag commute when it's raining. It will be Monday again. That means I have to face reality, back to work na. Hehehe. I can see a busy week ahead of me. But I won't feel bad. I'm thankful for my work!

Kayo, how's your weekend?


MiLeT said...

natawa ako dun sa kim ang gerald mo. ako din pag nanood ako ng teener booper na palabas, may I kilig pa ko feeling ko teenager ako. hahaha.

maulan pa rin noh? kaya stock kami ni anevay dito sa bahay.

~ Mhay ~ said...

hehehe, may kilig factor sila sis..ewan ko ba siguro namimiss ko talaga si Jerry kaya kinikilig sa teen romance, lol!