Saturday, November 22, 2008

My mom's glasses

Christmas is near and so I need to do my Christmas shopping for gifts now. I already bought the gifts for the kids but not yet for the big ones. I was thinking of what gift to give my mom. I see she loves clothes, jewelry and perfume, but she needs a new pair of glasses as well. She loves reading lately (pocket books during her free time) and she keeps on complaining about her eyeglasses. I want to buy her a new pair but I only allotted a particular amount for their gifts. I was thinking if I can get her a pair at Zenni Optical. I’ve mentioned on my previous post how cheap a pair at Zenni Optical is right? Their glasses start at $8, how affordable! And it’s real. It was featured in an article published by Chicago Tribune on July 2007.

There is also wide selection of frames for prescription glasses that we can choose from at Zenni Optical. I think my mom would love to have a pair that’s unique and classy like this one.

I’m sure my mom will love this one . I can almost see how her face will look like when she sees this.


MiLeT said...

mukhang suki tayo ni zenni ah. lol. ako 2 blogs meron nyan eh.