Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Future Singer

I bought a toy keyboard for the little lady last week from Divi and I was right...she loves it! The keyboard comes with a toy microphone as well. She loves playing with it and singing with it.

I'm excited when hubby comes home next year. Hubby plays keyboard so he can teach the little lady to play it right. For now, she enjoys the mic...and she loves singing!

A musically inclined family indeed we are! :D


Mye said...

wow! future sarah g! =)

btw, got an award for you sis!

have a nice day!

JEANNE said...

Aw, just like my daughter - she LOVES singing into toy microphones and hearing her voice. Aren't they cute :-) :-)

melissaclee said...

How cute! She looks like a little Diva!