Thursday, October 16, 2008

"When all I can say is...Sorry"

Yesterday, the October birthday celebrants in our office agreed to treat us to lunch. Actually, they all agreed to contribute. One pledged money to buy some food while others will bring in their contributions.

From the money that was given to me, I ordered pancit (noodles), cake from red ribbon, rice and drinks. It so happened that the person who brought one of the food (which was left inside the ref earlier) went out of the office and nobody told me whether the person is coming back or not. The other celebrant didn’t also tell me if he’s coming to the office on time and whether his food will come on time as well. Unfortunately, he said that the food will arrived at half-past twelve. Hungry as they were, the office mates told me that we should proceed even if they are not complete since there are two celebrants present anyway and will just eat what ever is available…it's 12 o'clock and they are already hungry!

To fast forward the story, the other food arrived 10 minutes before one butwhen the two arrived, there was nothing left for them to eat. Not even left over :D The other officemate was obviously upset that the celebration took place without them and that he was not able eat what he contributed. He was obviously disappointed that he even tried to burst out his frustrations...but the others were deadma. I on the other hand felt guilty. I felt guilty that I wasn’t able to set aside something for them. That's because I was not quick enough. I felt guilty that I was part of his disappointment on his birthday. felt sad that others didn't even bother to console him, cheer him on or buy him lunch (since he has not yet eaten). I felt and thought if are we that bad that we only love free lunch and don't even bother to think about why we're having that privelege? Sometimes the essence of celebrating birthdays here on the office is being forgotten. What was being magnified is the culture that celebrants has to treat colleagues. *Sigh*

A should be happy celebration ended with frustrations and regrets...sigh..sigh..

Haaaiii.....Sorry talaga…


MiLeT said...

naku ang hirap naman ng situation mo.

mhay, may pop up ung blog mo nung binuksan ko. nde ko lang try mo sa iba baka nagkamali lang ako.