Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today...just let me say..

I just got home from the two meetings I attended. One was a meeting of church workers with our pastor (which started at 3pm and ended at 8pm) followed by the worship leader's meeting, also with our pastor. I left the house this afternoon while Jaden was still sleeping and now ,I arrived and she's already asleep. I miss her. Oh well..


The meetings went well..I'm happy with the matters that we've discussed. I'm glad that I feel I'm back on track. A ReSt really helps to think things over and a good time for self assessment as well. I'm just glad that I was given schedule for next month and some changes will be implemented.


Hubby's surgery was done successfully at 1:45pm kanina. Thank God. I pray that he'll recover fast. I was not able to talk to him on the phone even if I want to..He said he still can't talk.


Well, there's not really much to say on this post. I just want to share how glad I am. Choco Cream Chip Frappe really do wonders! :D

Have you been to Mykonos villa rentals? Is it a good place to relax?


momie milette said...

im glad ok na si jerry sana gumaling sya kaagad. grabe ang hirap ng ganyan mhay noh ung gusto mo andun ka sa tabi nya pero nde pwede.

atsaka buti maayos na ung feeling mo about the service.

~ Mhay ~ said...

Oo nga sis, its hard na magkalayo i feel guilty na wala ako dun sa tabi niya..haayy :(

Re: church, yeah...kapag nakapag rest talaga, na rerefresh ako :D hehe.

Kitts said...

hi mhay, good to hear ok naman si jerry ;)

stay strong.. ingat kayo palagi!