Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On my attempt to wean her.

I'm having a hard time weaning my little lady. Well, actually her pedia said that she’s healthy (she doesn’t need an orovo detox yet, lol!) but the drinking of milk in the middle of the night should be lessened. As much as possible she should be weaned from drinking in bottles, but the little lady doesn’t want to. Last night I tried not giving her milk when she woke up and asked for it at 2am. I refused so she cried hard and kept on pleading me for a milk. I resisted her. I’ve done it to her twice. She was able to sleep after her long cry. I pity her but I know, I have to do that. She’s turning two and a half next month and if I don’t do that now, I know it will be harder for both of us.