Saturday, October 18, 2008

Korean Pose

My daughter's favorite pose :)

I'm not sure where she learned that but it's automatic every time I took her picture. My daughter has learned a lot these days and I'm amused. Here are few things that she knows.

  • She knows how to arranged her wooden alphabet in proper order.
  • She knows how to count from 1-10 in English and Filipino. And she also knows how to count with her fingers.
  • She initiates our prayer before meal but what's funny is that she will mention everything that she sees in the dinner table. She would go like this: "Lord, thank you for rice, ulam, water, spoon, baso, gamot, Lord, o Jesus, amen!"
  • She can put her shoes on by herself and she can also removed it independently.
  • She mimics everything she sees me doing. When I'm sitting in front of my pc, she will go behind me, remove my ponytail and will start brushing my hail and she'll said "shampoo, mommy?"

I was reading my husband email just a while ago and he said that our daughter has grown big already. He really misses her so much.


GMG said...

I found the saying of prayer really cute! :) your baby daughter is adorable... i'm looking forward to have my own someday!
By the way, I have some humble awards for your blog. stop by our blog when you get the chance. :) enjoy the weekend.