Monday, October 13, 2008

I had a wonderful busy Sunday.

We’re almost late in the service this morning. I woke up late (because of the Frappe). But still we didn’t miss the worship time. Going to church is really refreshing. The preaching was about handling frustrations so it was really wonderful.

After church we went to the mall to buy the little lady a pair of shoes. I was looking for a ballerina shoes since the one I bought before with garter seems uncomfortable for her. Whenever I take it off, there are red marks on her poor little feet. So instead I bought this. (Sorry can’t take a decent photo as the little lady wouldn’t want to let go of her new shoes)

And guess what…As I took off her black ballerina shoes and put this on her to see if it fits, she didn’t want to take it off. Incidentally, this was the last pair. So, I paid to the counter carrying only an empty shoe box. As we’re walking out the store, she kept on saying, ”mommy, pretty shoes! pretty shoes!”. She really liked it.

This was her black ballerina shoes

After going to the mall, we went to the hospital to visit my sister. She underwent a minor surgery. After seeing that she's okay, off we went to buy dinner and do some errands.

Went home dog-tired (a home theater seating could have been a nice place to relax, if only we have one). But seeing my daughter refreshes me again. So here I am, blogging while the little lady is playing. She’s fun to look at. She was holding bayfresh a while ago and started doing the sound of the air freshener then looked at me and said, “no more ipis!”... I can’t help but laugh :D