Sunday, October 19, 2008

Her passport and barbie :)

I was able to submit all the documents for my daughter's passport yesterday. The passport will be ready by November 8. Yeah, I'll wait three weeks more to get hold of it, but for a working mom like me, it's a blessing that there's an MPS service from DFA which being held on a weekend. All in all I was able to go through the process in an hour. I went there at 10am and was able to finished by 11am. Naka encounter pa ko ng minor problem within that time ha, pero mabilis pa rin. The problem was Jaden's picture needs to be replaced..Medyo strict sila talaga sa color ng picture. What seems to be a royal blue to others, sa kanila hindi. May standard sila, that's why I have to call the nanny pa to bring Jaden there and have another picture taken. Medyo nahirapan pa nga ang DFA photographer to take her picture kasi ang tipid ngumiti ng aking dalaga. Actually, nakatungo at nakasimangot siya. After a few seconds we got her picture and submitted everything to the DFA officer. It was a breeze.

Since the nanny left Jaden with me, kami na lang dalawa ang magkasama. It was our first time to have lunch out together ha. We went to the nearest Red Ribbon restaurant and had our lunch there. And since the little lady doesn't eat much, she gobbled the cake that's part of the meal I ordered. Ang saya pala na kami lang dalawa minsan ang magkasama... We really had fun.

After our lunch, we went to Riverbanks to buy her milk and some groceries. On our way to the groceries area, the little lady saw a cute little doll. It's not a Barbie, but when she saw it she started shouting "Barbie! Mommy, Barbie!" at hindi talaga umalis sa kiosk until I bought the doll. Anyway, mura lang naman siya kaya I bought it na rin. Actually, first time niyang magkakaroon ng ganitong doll. She knows Barbie, it's her favorite but she doesn't own one yet. She only have Barbie shirts, bag, and coloring books.But she keeps on mentioning Barbie to her daddy when she's talking to him on the phone. Her dad promised to buy her a dozen when he returns next year. But of course it's not gonna happen as I don't want her to own a number of that doll. Baka masyadong maging "kikay". lol! Okay na ang isa.

Anyway, here's her new doll. I don't know the name since the package only says Koler. I'm not sure if that's the name of the doll. What a peculiar name for a doll, ha...but Jaden calls her "Barbie". :D

Went home tired and happy. It's one of the best day I had with my daughter.