Monday, October 06, 2008


I'm not planning to buy a new pair of glasses but now, it seems that I'm left with no choice.

The little lady with her uber kakulitan has done this.

What happened was she begged me to put this on her. So I did and told the yaya to look after her. A minute later, the yaya gave me the broken glasses and told me that the little lady threw it on the floor.

I understand that her little mind does not know yet the importance of a thing so I didn't scold her. it's my fault that I gave in to her request tin the first place.

I'll visit my ophthalmologist tomorrow and see if she can just replace the lens. if not, it means I'll buy another one.


momie milette said...

mhay, in fairness ha andami mong update mukhang inspired kang magblog ngaun.

may casualty si jaden. haha. si anevay ung mga sunglasses naman nya pinagtitripan nya lagi. pati ung mga sa pinsan nya nabibiktima nya. hehe

Jona said...

ganyan talaga sila...tinitingnan nila kung ano mangyayari pag ginawa nila ang isang bagay....ganyan din tayo noon e, hehe :D

~ Mhay ~ said...

Hahaha..nakaka strike 3 na nga siya milette e. :D Buti na lng napalitan agad ng lens yung glasses ko.

Hi Jona! It's been a while. Oo nga ganyan din tayo dati :)

Anonymous said...

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