Saturday, September 13, 2008

What's inside your fridge?

Go this tag from Eds :)

Play along and show us what's inside your fridge!

Nakakahiya ipakita and laman ng fridge namin kasi wala naman talagang laman :) lol! But here are some of the items we store in our fridge:

  • Jaden's yakult, chuckie and jellyace
  • Frozen Products: Meat, Chicken, Fish
  • Veggies pero konti lang kasi mabilis masira
  • Sometimes hotdogs, hams and corned beef pero not always bumibili
  • Dressing, mayo, sandwich spread
  • Jaden's medicines and vitamins
  • Cubed ice, juice, iced tea, ice cream, and water.
  • Left-over food
  • Some ingredients like oyster sauce, terriyaki sauce etc.

What's inside your fridge Milette, Lilet and Kitts?

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Kitts said...

done na! sa wakas :)