Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Student Driver: Last Day

Last day of my driving lesson was last Saturday. I was put on an early schedule, 7am to 9am but because I was not able to sleep well, I woke up late so I was late for my class too. One hour! {shucks!}

I was just disappointed because I paid for a two-hour lesson. But anyway, that's my fault so that's okay.

My instructor is patiently waiting for me when I arrived. He immediately ushered me to the car and off we went driving. After my one-hour lesson, he taught me some basics on auto mechanic, engine and car parts and how to check the car's condition before driving. I must admit, that was the first time I saw a car steering rack, radiator and other parts, which as per my instructor the important things I have to learn on a car.

My driving lesson ends there but it was a wonderful experience. I realized, driving is a no brainer, but is a responsibility as well. As their handbook quotes, risk is always present for a driver no matter how confident he or she may feel behind the wheel.
Now, my next step is to practice more so I won't forget my lesson and become a more confident, defensive driver.