Saturday, September 20, 2008

I wanted to drive.

The problem is that I cannot used the jeep yet. There's a slight problem on the radiator. I already asked my brother -in-law who's taking care of it to have it checked by a mechanic to fix it asap. I can't wait to drive. I wanted to surprise hubby when he returns so I really need to practice what I've learned. I can only imagine his reaction when he sees me drive. Aside from that the reason why I really wanted to learn driving because the house that we're able to acquire is quite far from our present home. On my calculation, before hubby returns we'll be able to transfer already so I will be the one driving the car for the meantime. What I like with that village is that the houses we're designed with carports so car park won't be our problem anymore.

I hope the jeep will be fixed as soon as possible.