Sunday, September 28, 2008

I promised my self...

... that I'll limit my online time during weekends so I can be more productive and have more time with my daughter. So this weekend I was offline. :D. My sister borrowed my broadband kit also that's why I was not able to check emails nor checked the sites I visit regularly. May email p naman sakin ang ss but I was not able to create the post. Well ... sayang din but that's just one lang naman. The good thing was I'm able to bond with my Jaden.

Kanina, we went to SM Marikina with my mother and my sister and niece. Treat ko :D. I bought Jaden a few pairs of clips and headbands, a nice t-shirt, two pairs of spoon and fork, and plastic drinking cups with straws. I also bought a shirt for my self. I guess pag mommy ka na talaga, you will buy less for yourself and more for your baby.

We ate at French Baker after shopping. We had fun.


Mye said...

hi mhay! weekend really was fun with family!

momie milette said...

nde pa ko nakakapunta ng sm marikina. try ko nga minsan.

nagcommute ba kau papunta o may sasakyan kau ? clueless ako kung pano pumunta eh. lol.

~ Mhay ~ said...

Hi Mye! yeah it was really fun :)

Milette, nag taxi kami from our house e. Pero if you'll take an fx meron na diretso sm marikina from KFC concepcion, yung mga galing montalban na fx. Kung taxi better way is marcos highway. Yung ibang taxi drivers daan riverbanks tapos labas marcos highway then U-turn to SM. Mahirap dumaan yung way sa ilalim kasi ma traffic :)