Friday, September 26, 2008


I was on a slight hiatus. I attended a two-day sales training seminar yesterday and today. I was informed that I'm a participant just the morning of the first day, ( gosh! ) The message was sent at 6:30am unfortunately, my phone's message in box was already full and I deleted some messages to give way for new ones when I was already getting a ride to the office. So the message came in late.

Anyway, since I was in a seminar yesterday I was not able to check my emails or go online. (When you're an everyday internet user, it's an incomplete feeling missing just a day, right?) After the training I was still unable to do my online tasks since I need to attend our worship rehearsal. Our first day session ended at 5:30pm and since it's raining (really really hard!) I got caught up in traffic. I came late to the rehearsal. I was able to finally go online at already 11pm. and decided to extend a little bit to see if I can get some opps....and I was blessed! Though I already slept at past 2am to finish all the tasks, I was happy. I had no regrets at all, even if I only had 4 hours of sleep and still a training to attend to the next day. :D

Now I know the feeling Milette, hahaha!!


momie milette said...


feeling ko tuloy bini BI kita para magpuyat. hahaha. yari ako kay jerry nyan. hahah. pero sarap ng feeling noh?

naku e d lalo ka magpupuyat nyan kasi pr2 na ung isa mo. ay nde pala dapat maaga ka gumising kasi ung opps ngaun sa 3p sa madaling araw bumabagsak.

~ Mhay ~ said...

Hahaha!!! nde naman sis. Kasi nde alam ng asawa ko ang pinagkaka abalahan ko. Sasabihin ko na lang pag uwi niya.

Pero ngayn sakit ng ulo ko sa pag gising ng alanganin para mag abang ng opps kaso wala :D next time na lang ulit :D