Thursday, September 04, 2008

Books and More Books!

A book tag from Milette


Do you read books to your child?

Does your child like to read books?

Do you like to buy new books or is second-hand ok?

Post a picture of your child’s bookshelf if you have one.

Drop a line in this blog if you receive this tag and do it.


I love books and I love to read. When we had Jaden, I promised my self that I will read to her often so she'll like books too. It's not too early to start so even if she's still a month old hubby reads to her. Friends and relatives give her books as gifts during her 1st and 2nd birthday. Some of her books are brand new and some are second-hand-books.

Her dad reading her a book, she's just one week old ;)

These are all her books

She has books about Fairy Tales, Bibles and Bible Characters

Small (palm) books and animal shape books

Nursery Rhymes and others

Her first favorites are the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, where she learned her first nursery rhyme (the book she's pointing at on the left) and Itsy Bitsy Spider (the yellow book) :)

Passing this to Toni and Kitts :)