Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yesterday was a success

Yesterday was a productive day for me. I was able to accomplished everything on my To Do list.

1. I was able to enroll at Smart Driving School (Finally!!) My class will start on Saturday. I'm already excited and nervous. Hubby didn't know that I enrolled. I want to surprise him kasi. And he need not worry because my enrollment fee came from my own earning (blog moolah!). So all the best for me! :D

2. I'm also able to go to HDMF office in Buendia (Justine Bldg. for POP) and processed hubby's PoP membership and housing loan application. It was a breeze. Special treatment siguro talaga pag OFWs. Numbers are called one after another and members were assisted in less than 20 minutes! I paid for his 24 months contribution to avail the housing loan equivalent to Php 4,800.00. Was able to recieved hubby's ID immediately. I was done at 11:30am.

Since I need to attend the HL Seminar, I just took my lunch to a nearby Inasal Resto then went to the office again. What's good was, when the speaker entertained questions before she started the discussion I was able to asked if I still need to attend. I want to verify since I attended already a seminar before under my name. But now that our loan will be named after hubby, our developer said that I still have to attend for him. I was relieved when she said that I don't have to attend anymore and just go straight to 5th floor for the approval of my MSVS. Three hours din kasi yun, and I believe same topic din naman with the seminar I attended before, sayang ang time ko. So off I went to the 5th floor and picked a number. Wala pang 5 minutes my number was called. I gave my docs and waited. And again in less than 15 minutes I'm done. After recieving my approved MSVS, I immediately went to our developer's office and submitted all docs. Finally, all requirements were submitted. All I have to do now is to complete paying the DP .

3. Was able to also checked with my bank regarding the descrepancy issues I raised before. pano ba naman they deducted bank charges on my account which I think was unfair. Unfortunately, there's still no update if my request will be approved. Kakainis talaga ang customer service ng bank na yun. Nakakagigil na! Hmpf.

4. And finally, was able to finished doing the scrapbook of my daughter's 2nd year. A collection of her photos from her 13th to 24th month. I was able to finished it with all her pangungulit at panggugulo :D.

Next week will be another long week end. Sarap! :D


MiLeTTe said...

wow, kaw rin mag eenroll ka ? goodluck. ako ewan ko kung san kukuha ng lakas ng loob magdrive ulit. hehe.

mhay, favor naman. pa add naman tong blog ko --- andun na ung 2 mong blog sa blog ko. thankies

Mommie Van said...

good luck with your driving lessons mhay! kaya mo yan for sure ^_^