Sunday, August 24, 2008

Week In Review: Aug 18-24



My First time to join this meme...

{The purpose of this meme is to record a weekly memoir of your life to look back on for your own personal reflection/enjoyment and for your children/grandchildren to enjoy and learn from your experiences. Don’t you wish your parents/grandparents had left something like this for you?? I do!! Feel free to answer all or any…whatever you want to share and record, and feel free to add any subject I may have overlooked.}

Week’s Weather: Mostly rainy and cloudy. The rest are a bit sunny and humid.

Sunday Sermon: Hebrew 12:1 Running the Race with Perseverance..

Life lessons: it's not too late to learn to be competitive and be used by God more for the mission.

Favorite Meal(s): ...

Treasured Moment(s): praying with my daughter every night.

Simple Pleasures: tried Chowking Congee

Talked with: Hubby the other night and he was able to talk to his daughter as well. He said his daughter is fun to talk to now.

Impacting News: ...

World: Beijing Olympics CLosing Ceremony

National: unending issue about MOA

Local: ...

Personal: I realized a lot of things this week. I want to study more and improve my self more. Learn new language perhaps after my driving lesson.

Things I Read: Bible. Raising Godly Kids by Harold Sala

Movies We Watched: Care Giver (local Movie), Made of Honor, Chariot of Fire during our midweek service.

Interesting Internet:

Places We Went: Robinson's Metro East, Church

Budget Savers/Busters: (Busters) Printing of digital pictures in my archive and buying new photo albums and a scrapbook to preserved memories.

Blessings: Dividends: extra cash for my driving lesson. A loving and supportive husband. A helpful sister and brother. My daughter. My work.

Challenges: Driving (facing my fear)

Accomplishments: Passed my first day of driving. A successful worship leading last Sunday.

Family Happenings: My sister's birthday last Wednesday

Tried Something New: Driving.

Photos: Her new educational toy

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