Sunday, August 24, 2008

Student Driver: Day One

So, yesterday I had my first driving session. Woke up early coz my class was sched at 8am. I asked for a PM sched but there are no more available slot so I got an AM sched instead. Good thing my daughter was still sleeping soundly when I left.

So, I arrived at the driving school on time. My instructor was already there. After filling and signing up some documents my instructor ushered me to the car (whew!). I felt a little bit nervous. It will be my second time to sit on the driver’s seat. The last time was 10 years ago and I cannot remember driving since then. He did a pre-driving orientation first, medyo nakakalito and I felt conscious kasi si Mr. Instructor e nagpapa-cute pa (shucks and kaasar) tumigil lang when I told him that I’m married.

I was able to manage “driving”. From starting the engine, driving on the main road, stopping, using the break and steering wheel (gear). Medyo nalilito pa ng konte on the proper use of the pedals but my instructor said my first session was satisfactory. :D Next session will be two hours na on Saturday. I am excited already.

Haay…sana lang all the instructor’s effort will pay off…hehehe. But I know I’ll learn naman eh I just hope I’ll learn fast and won’t forget.


MiLeTTe said...

kaya mo yan.

something for you :

Mommie Van said...

kaya mo yan mhay! if others can do it so can you!^_^ ehehe how many hours ang lesson mo?

~ Mhay ~ said...

Thanks sisses :) Wow nakaka encourage naman.

Van, yung first session ko 1 hour lang yung next sessions two hours na. Bale 7 hours yung lesson ko :)Feeling ko kulang eh kaya after that papaturo pa ko sa friend ko :)