Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Million Dollar Friend

Milette include me on her list for this award. She wrote:

Mhay, we share a lot of common things together since her daughter and mine have the same age. Also we are struggling to keep our lives normal inspite the fact that our husbands are far away from home.
I'm thankful for this sis. I am also glad to have known and met a friend in you. :)

Now I am giving this to :

Kitts - we also have things in common. I love reading her blog on how she raises her daughter as well. I learn some things just by reading her blog.

- She's an officemate and a friend. We seem to be at the same "wavelength".

- I learn a lot just by reading her blogs. I consider and treasure her as one of my blog friends.

- She's also an officemate and friend to me. I was able to learn about w@w and n@w and BUB and how to make money blogging through her :D.


Mommie Van said...

touched ako mhay!!!:) thanks!
it's here

Kitts said...

*hugs* maraming salamat mhay, miss ko na jaden updates mo :)

Paul and Toni said...

hi mhay! thanks a lot! posted it na. http://paultoni.blogspot.com/2008/09/million-dollar-friend.html :)