Friday, August 29, 2008

Jaden Updates

Thanks Kitts for reminding me. It's been a while....

On the 30th, she will be 27 months. She’s gradually becoming a big girl. I was looking into her baby albums and I am just so surprised how she’d grown fast. She’s beginning to become a real person :D Nakakabasag…nagkakalat…nakakaubos ng patience…pero nakaka tuwa at nakakawala pa rin ng pagod.

Here are some updates on her that I want to chronicle.

  1. Her prayers already have content. She has a different prayer when we go to bed and before meal time. It will be a roll call of names before going to sleep. Before meal time naman, she’ll thank the Lord for the rice and “ulam”.
  2. She will ask her nanny to call me in the office when she wants to talk to me. Minsan I will be surprised when my phone rings at sya yung nasa kabilang linya. She’ll tell me what she’s doing, that she’s eating already or has taken her bath.
  3. She knows it when it’s her daddy that I’m talking to on the phone. She’ll sit besides me and listen and will ask me to give the phone to her. She’ll tell me “U-ap daddy, mommy…”
  4. She knows how to open the ref to get her chuckie. If she want another bottle of milk, she’ll tell me by saying, “One more dede, mommy”
  5. She knows how to say “No” and “ayaw” when she doesn’t want something.
  6. She knows that I am going somewhere when she sees me changing clothes. And she’ll ask this question: “Mommy, ayish na tayo? Come on mommy, ayish na tayo” kala niya kasama siya lagi. :D
  7. She’ll drag me to the dinner table when she sees her yaya setting the table. Kahit di pa tapos mag prepare si yaya, she’ll drag me and will say, “Eat na tayo...”
  8. She interchanges “Ako”and “ikaw”. Sometimes, she’ll say ikaw but really she’s referring to her self.
  9. She can easily answer with “opo” on her statements.
  10. She knows it when I’m angry. She knows how to say “sorry po mommy” or “sorry po yaya”. She also always say "Thank you" when she is given something. And she know how to say "excuse me po".
  11. She will say I love you to me with hugs and kisses pa.
  12. She’s trying to be independent. Sometimes, she doesn’t want me to hold her when going down the chair or climbing up (she can climb up the table or chair on her own). She also doesn’t want her yaya to hold her when she’s trying to go up on stairs
  13. She can sing Bahay Kubo, Ako ay May Lobo, Tong Tong Pakitong-kitong, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Tomorrow, Pen pen De Sarapen in complete lyrics (bulol nga lang). She loves singing and she sings to her daddy over the phone. She also sings to some of her favorite commercials on TV. She loves the commercial of Knorr’s “Makulay ang Buhay”I think she'll be like her mom.
  14. She’s becoming pickier with the food she eats. If she don’t want the food she’ll put it in her mouth but she’ll spew it out after a while. Napa face the wall ko siya one time because of this. I know children couldn’t stand long hours standing, facing a wall. Pero yun kasi ang madaling way to discipline. But the mother in me, di ko rin pinatagal. I couldn’t stand seeing her looking at me na nagpapaawa. I talked to her and told her that what she did was not good. She said sorry and embraced me so tight. Napagalitan pa ako ng husband ko dahil dun. Di ko daw dapat pinarurusahan ang bata. But this is one thing I know na di naman mabigat na way to discipline di ba? After I did that to her, natakot na siya gawin ulit ^_^.
    There are still some more but for now ito na lang muna.


    Mec said...

    ahihi... tell hubby that negative reinforcements are not always punishments naman... but the more trying parenting times are really up ahead, disciplining our kids will always be hard talaga, but it's something we really have to do...

    oh... they suggest giving a child options daw, para even if he doesn't like all 3 dishes, he'd at least be more likely to eat something he chose over something being 'forced' on him...

    momie milette said... anevay din picky eater na. classmate sila sa chuckie. haha.

    Kitts said...

    uy, i missed this update, tyaga mhay :D