Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jaden Pray...

It was the first time I heard my daughter pray with content. It was the other night when I asked her to pray before she sleep. And I was surprised to hear her say these:

Jaden: " Lord, O...Jesus...bless mommy, en dadi, en tita, en tito, en yaya, bless i nanay, en tatay, and nicole, en ate AC, en en, Lord, O, Jesus, Amen!"

I was just listening to her because she doesn't want me to say anything...Whenever I followed her she'll said (with her finger on her lips)...." ssshhhh, mommy sssshhh, Jaden pray...."


Ozzy's Mom said...

wow that's a nice prayer mhay, Ozzy also prays like that..god bless (roll call) ahihi ^_^ amen lang ung clear na alam nya!