Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In "other" Words: A Noble Task

Parenting is a noble task and a responsibility. There’s a book I’ve read that says, what our children become as adults and individuals are results of our parenting. Parenting is investing in helping our child LEAVE us. As I ponder on this, I felt sad but it’s the truth. We are chosen by God to be the parents of our children because He believes that we can do that noble task. Being a parent is one great opportunity to raise an individual God designed him or her to be. Our children will not forever be dependent on us, they will grow and will have to be responsible for themselves. We will not forever hold their hands to feed them or guide them. Our only reward as parents is when we release them from our hands, when we let them go at the right time to journey on their own lives, and we will see that they are journeying on the path God designed for them because we were able to prepare them.

How sad that others got married without the desire to become parents. It’s also breaks my heart to hear stories of women longing to have a child of their own but not fortunate to have one. As for me, I’m thankful that God blessed me with a daughter. I know that she is a responsibility but I see it a wondrous taks and I humbly and gladly taking it for I know that God will be there. He will be my constant companion in raising my daughter to what God wants her to be.

“Dear Lord,
I do not ask that Thou shouldst give me
some high work of thine,
some noble calling
or some wondrous task.
Give me a little hand to hold in mine.”


This weeks quote is from Nina of Mama’s Little Treasures . Visit to read more entries.


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Lovely post and graphic too!

My entry is a little satirical this time . . . a THROW-back to those teen years. Something about the start of the school year made me a little nostalgic perhaps. ;-)