Thursday, July 03, 2008

♥ A Worth-Spent Holiday ♥

Since yesterday was declared holiday, (it's Pasig City Day) I already organized my schedule and thought of ways on how to make it productive...

First, I scheduled a meet up with my real estate agent. I asked my sister to accompany me. We met at 10:30am and went straight to San Mateo. Hubby decided that we'll withdraw from purchasing the property that we got last January. It's a very hard decision to make. Hubby wanted kasi that when he comes home on May 2009, the property will be ready so we can transfer. But unfortunately, the developer cannot give me exact schedule of the property's turn over. I thought I could still convince hubby if I can see that the area is already being constructed. I told my self that if I could just see any signs that it will be finished before hubby arrives, we will just go on with the purchase. But alas, when we visited yesterday, the area is still on land development stage. I didn't see anything but bare land.

Our agent told me that if we'll withdraw, we cannot get the full refund of the payments we made since January. She told me that the maximum we can get is just 50%. Nakakapanghinayang din since we shell out 30k plus already. It's hard earned money that's why it dissappoints me to know that we cannot get full refund. But since hubby has decided already, I told the agent that it's okay as long as we can still refund.

I spent almost four hours in San Mateo, talking to the developer and visiting yet another house and lot prospect. The one we visited quite got my interest since the environment is good. It's a community of single detached 2 storey houses. The price is reasonable and when I told hubby, he said that he'll consider.

We just ate our lunch and then went to the Civil Service Office in Banawe to get my eligibility certificate. Finally, the proof that I passed the CSC exam which I took October last year. I've been meaning to go there since January but can't find the time since I had to file a leave just to get it. Thanks to Pasig Day :)

Finally, I accompany my sister for some errands. We then went to Marquinton Starbucks to sip some Choco Cream Chip and Mocha Frappe :D...A relaxing treat!

When I arrived home, it's already 5:30pm. I found Jaden sleeping soundly in the couch. I didn't disturb her coz the nanny reported that they went home just an hour before I arrived (I told her kasi to bring Jaden to my parent's house). I then prepared the ingredients for our dinner. Since I don't have enough time, (I'll be attending our midweek service at 7pm) I instructed the nanny to cook and gave her the steps in cooking menudo. When the little girl woke up, I'm already heading to the door to go to church.

On the side note, I'm guilty of not having enough time with my daughter :( so I'm thinking of filing a VL next week just so I can have a whole day with her. I'm planning of taking her to Manila Ocean Park.


MiLeTTe said...

goodluck sa house hunting.

btw, got something for you

~ Mhay ~ said...

Thanks sis! :)