Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Developer. New Procedure. Back to Zero.

Update on our housing loan application:

So we’ve already withdrawn our application from our previous developer. My agent already returned the requirements I previously submitted. We are now processing documents for the new house we are planning to purchase. Its from a new developer with much more structured policies. The location is still in San Mateo but the lot area is bigger and the house is much better, since it’s a single-attached type.

I already paid the reservation fee last Saturday. Actually the developer didn’t want to accept my reservation since I don’t have enough requirements. They need hubby’s employment contract and an SPA. I only submitted a scanned copy of his employment certificate but I insisted that they accept my reservation since they will be increasing the contract price by 20,000 come Monday.

So this is going to be a lot of work on both hubby and my sides. He will need to go to the Phil embassy and have the SPA notarized and send it thru FedEx. I will have to wait for the documents in order to update his HDMF account and attend counseling on his behalf. Sigh..sigh..sigh… Honestly hubby is quite pissed off with the procedure. He claimed that it’s a lot of work for a busy person like him. He even wanted me to again, withdraw which also pissed me off since I already shed out another big amount. And this time the reservation agreement I signed clearly states that the fee is not refundable. Good thing I was able to enlighten him and encouraged him to just do what needs to be done since every OFW will go through the same procedure whoever developer they get. He later realized that what we got is a good investment. Thank God. But I need to push him to move since we only have 30 days to complete all the requirements.

Compare to the first house we planned to get, the property this time is way better. The village is already developed and the location is pretty nice. The house we got will be constructed after full down payment which is after 6 months or less if we pay in advance. Construction will start after two months. Take out will be after a month. So all in all, we only have less than a year to wait. We’re praying that we’ll be able to process all the necessary documents in time and that there won’t be any problems along the way. I believe that if everything will go smoothly, this is really for us.


got new tasks today which reminds to update. Need to write about theater seating ^_^ .


MiLeTTe said...

ay naku sister, ganun talaga. kailangang pagtiyagaan kung nde walang mangyayari. susko, nung kami pababalik balik kami. dun sa may pagibig sa atrium atsaka dun sa pagibig na for ofw sa gil puyat. as in.