Monday, July 28, 2008

My Shoe Size

Toni asked about my shoe size...

{Start Copy}

What's your shoe size? Are your feet the same size as your mom's feet? How about your sister's feet? Can you borrow shoes from each other?

Post a picture of your latest shoe buy.

Tag the number of women of your shoe size, i.e. size 5 = tag 5 friends. Don't forget to drop a line in this blog when you're done. :)

{End Copy}

My mom's shoe size: 4 1/2
My size: 6 sometimes 5 1/2 or 6 1/2 (depends on brand)
My sisters' shoe sizes: 5, 7, 6, and 5 (I have 4 sisters)

I bought this pair last week during the Robinson's Metro East sale. I was looking for a black shoes with low heels and found this one so I grabbed it.

I share shoes with one of my sister. Sometimes she gives me a pair or vice versa.

I'm tagging Milette, Lilet, Eds, Yette, Nice and Vannie


Jenny said...

Nice shoes Mhay! :)
Link tayo.

MiLeTTe said...

gawin ko to mamya ha. ako nagsesetup ng bagong blog sa wordpress eh.

pero your tag remind me na ang last shoe purchase ko eh last may 2007 pa. lol. isipin mo un. haha!

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Thanks for the tag Mhay! I'll do it tom. :)

Grabe! Dami mo palang sisters. hehehe. Ansaya siguro.

Btw, I'm inviting you to join Mommastuff Question of the Week.

Hope to read your thoughts on this topic.


MiLeTTe said...

done na po.