Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Birthday Celeb in the office

Just want to post some pics during my birthday celebration in our office. My birthday fell on a week end that's why I celebrated Monday together with an officemate who's birthday was that day. It's been a tradition in our office to bring in some food or treat fellow officemates if it's the birthday of I had no choice. :D

We ordered tuna lemon pasta and ham and cheese bread from an officemate...I brought the all-time favorite chicken lollipop. As you can see, everyone is happy, so the celebrants were happy as well.

I hope on my next birthday they'll forget about the tradition..hehehe :D

Officemates: Don't over eat unless you really want to use your medicare insurance huh?? :D


Kitts said...

ang saya ng kainan ah!

happy birthday, mhay! :)

god bless ;)

Paul and Toni said...

sayang di nakapunta sa benpres non hehe! di bale, may nakarating naman na pansit sa kalayaan. thanks ulit and happy birthday! :)