Monday, June 23, 2008

The Weekend

It pains me to hear that many lives were lost last Saturday. Sulpicio Lines' MV Princess of the Stars carrying an approximate of 800 passengers sank and until now relatives are still awaiting for news about their love ones. It reminds me of the Titanic. The reason why I'm so afraid in riding sea vessels. The last time I boarded a ship was in 2000. Its one of Negros Navigation's ship where I had a not so good experience as well. Since then I promised my self not to ride boats since I'm not a good swimmer. I just hope that many will be rescued and I pray that God will comfort them...

I woke up early Sunday morning upon hearing the loud rush of the wind. I thought first "God, is it rapture already? Is it the day which you promised that you'll return? " But then I thought if it is the time, how come I do not hear chaos or cries? I heard sound like running horses on rooftops. I never thought that it was just Frank--the typhoon :D. My weird imagination, sometimes I scare my self :D

Our Sunday morning service went well sans the electricity. The praise and worship ran smoothly even without full band instruments. We were able to made do with the old piano lying in the hallway unnoticed until last Sunday. Indeed nothing can hinder us in worshiping God. This line is so true.."umulan, bumagyo, ayos lang...."

Sunday afternoon was spent cuddling with my daughter. The cool weather made it even more fun playing inside the house. The little lady was goofing around..doing funny remarks which left me laughing all day.