Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I don’t want to sound complaining...

...but yes its true, being a mom is not always fun, especially for working moms like me who needs ample time of rest...yes and I am not getting that. I am not getting a straight 8 hour sleep a day since my daughter is throwing tantrums in the middle of almost every night.

She seems to save her worst outbursts when I’m around. Her nanny reports that she rarely acts this way with her. She also shows mood swings -- laughing one minute and crying the next with no apparent reason -- that irritate me and sometimes results in loosing my temper. I don’t want to spoil her but I also don’t want her to fear me for being a disciplinarian.

This is what bothers me…and not until I searched and read about dealing with two year olds when I began to understand.

I've learned that..

  • Toddlers don’t trust other people the way they trusts their parents.
  • Toddlers want to learn how everything works
  • These seemingly bizarre mood swings are simply the result of our toddler's struggle to take control of his actions, impulses and feelings
  • A 2-year old's world is still primarily "me" centered.
  • Toddlers still sees themselves as the center of the universe, but also, they're much more interested now in imitating other people's mannerisms and activities.
Haaayyy….the journey of a first time mom who temporarily raises her daughter alone…. It’s really an emotional and physical challenge.

I hope hubby will come home soon… I need his help.


MiLeTTe said...

lol! may kanya kanya tayong mga kwento sa first born natin.

i think the mood swings can be attributed also as a way of saying that she misses you.

ganyan talaga. malalampasan din natin yan.

btw, got a tag for you. http://belles-lettresofmilet.romelettedlopez.com/2008/06/17/a-simple-healing-prayer/

Vannie said...

i have a similar post like this mhay!!:) check it out.


ganyan na ganyan baby ko, may tantrums pag i'm around, i think nagpapapansin.

hehehehe oh well, it's hard (parenting) but very fulfilling naman, its ok to complain about it let your feeling out :) that doesn't mean were bad parent's na.

humans lang.