Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Beh...

Why Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways...:D

Finally, the answer to Milette 's tag.

The Question:What do you love the most about your husband/ wife/ partner?

I have been waiting for the right mood coz I don't want to write the answers to this question in the midst of a "cold war". Today is hubby's birthday. The cold war has ended and we're as sweet as honey now :D.

And to answer the question...

I love.....

  • ...His being a strong man of God. His faith is above all what I love about him. And it is his faith that will definitely guide our family to the right direction.
  • ...His kindness and goodness. He is such a person with a kind heart.
  • ...His being smart. I appreciate the fact that he knows the things I don't. He gives light on the things unknown to me.
  • ...His being a responsible father and husband. He loves me and Jaden and we are his priorities.
  • ...His jolly personality. He can make me laugh even on small silly things.
  • ...His being our handyman at home. I think every man in the house should be. It's just a plus point that he can fix anything at home (when he was still here).
  • ...His being positive. Nakakahawa...He's the one who always has the statement that "everythings' gonna be alright"
  • ...The way he handles our family. He is such a family man.
  • ...His being a good father to Jaden. He wants all the best for his daughter.
  • ...His being multi-talented. I fell inlove with him because of these talents. He can sing, he can play musical instruments like, piano/keyboard, drums, and guitar. He is a pastor, a nurse, and a businessman :).
  • ...His being "pasensiyoso". Kahit ako ang may fault he can and is willing to say "sorry" and he can control his temper.
  • ...His being matipid..I learned how to budget wisely and become a wise spender :D.
  • ...His being faithful and loyal to me. A lot of people are saying na he will at any time and at any way, become unfaithful to me because of the distance... but I know my husband and I can count on his words.
  • ...His sweetness, kahit through simple and small things lang. He will never forget to say I love you at the end of every phonecalls or text messages.
  • ...His being my friend and the way he treat me as his "baby" (He's eight years older than me also like milet, that's why I can make lambing to him -taking advatange of being his first baby :D)
  • ...The way he treats and love my family (his in-laws). That's why my family love him too.

My list can go on and on. And I am just so blessed and happy that I married this man.

Happy Birthday Beh!...

At Kindermusik

I was able to enroll my daughter at Kindermusik's Summer Class.

Last Saturday, we went to Kindermusik with teacher Jeannie for Jaden's class. She already missed one Saturday because I enroll her just last week. It was Toni who informed me and she was so kind to inquire and reserve a slot for us. She also enrolled Lance. The good thing is that they're offering makeup classes. Jaden's schedule is at 1:30 to 2:30pm every Saturday.

I hope that Jaden will enjoy Kindermusik the way she enjoyed our trial class last time at Tumble Tots. Although of course the two has different approaches, which will both help in her development. I'm also thinking of enrolling Jaden at Tumble Tots eh, but for now sa Kindermusik muna :D.

Monday, April 28, 2008

My laptop's on vacation

It’s been a month since my sister’s pc was gone for repair. Maybe because it’s been there for 5 years now and they haven’t do an upgrade, the memory card gave up. My brother in law who’s been their technician advised for an upgrade and a new computer memory to be installed. For the meantime, they’ll be using my laptop. I think my brother (a student) need it more now than I do. The reason why I’m not able to blog during weekends. *Sigh...* Anyway, I'm a good sister that's why! :D

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Greatest Blessing

Shabby Princess - The Promise Collection
Word Art by Bethany

Monday, April 21, 2008

Computer class

I remember way back in high school. Our computer class was revolving in DOS and word star then. And of course the history of computers from abacus up to the machine we we’re using that time. Since a computer class then was something new from our curriculum and since I was in public school, we only have 3 sets of computers in class. Students take turns in using them so we don’t really get to feel that we actually used them. I can’t even remember the different dos command line that we studied. Now, students are more blessed because I think schools now even public have their own computer rooms with enough computers for the class. I think the ratio is 2 is to 1, so students can learn their computer subjects in a more intensive way.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Featured Friends

I am one of Toni's featured friends on her blog...thanks sis!

Here's the badge she gave me:

And here are my featured friends:

1. Milet
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And here are my other Featured Friends: Kitts, Nice, Jhona, Lilet, and Toni

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Five Reasons

  1. I received a tag from Milet that needs to be answered...but I'm still waiting for the right mood because....
  2. As of this date, "cold war" pa rin kami ni hubby...:(
  3. The worship service last night was great. How I wish and pray that my Christianity will be like those in China.
  4. Jaden has recovered. Her rashes look better than last Sunday. We went to Medical City last Monday because I saw these rashes and they look so bad. Good thing there's a pedia-derma that day. I thought she'll undergo lab tests again like what her pedia usually do. But then I know that the clinical laboratory service at Medical City is far more better than ACMH so I'm confident. But good thing, the pedia-derma didn't advice her to undergo lab tests. Her next visit will be tomorrow for her follow-up check up.
  5. The boss will not be around until tomorrow ;D

Barney this time

The little lady is turning two on May 30. Her dad told me to organize a pool party for her 2nd birthday. I'm torn between this idea and a Barney birthday party at KFC. When I saw her screaming and crying during our company outing, I realized, she'll not enjoy her birhday if its a pool party so I trashed the idea and immediately booked her at KFC for May 31st..Heheheh again, same date with Dani, Kitts' daughter. And same birhday party theme! :D

I still need to finalize if I'm going to hire a party host since KFC is flexible on their party packages. You can even customize the package... which is good. I'm sure she'll enjoy it this time since she really loves Barney :P

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #6: "The Aisle"

World Wide Link Love

Jona gave me this tag:

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In "other"Words: Knowing God more and more

One of the most wonderful things about knowing God is that there's always so much more to know, so much more to discover.Just when we least expect it, He intrudes into our neat and tidynotions about who He is and how He works.
~ Joni Eareckson Tadaby ~

Two of the characters of God that I have tested and proven are His faithfulness and kindness. Some of His characters that never changes overtime. He has been faithful to me and gracious and kind in forgiving me whenever I fall.

And overtime, God is gradually showing himself more to me as I allow my self to seek Him. When I accepted Him as my personal Lord, he reveals himself to me as a Savior. And as I seek Him, I’m learning more of His characters…His never changing nature. His love that is so steadfast…that He is slow to anger and abounding in love. He’s power so great…that he can be the King of kings but He can also be our daddy and friend at the same time…

We can never say that we are already filled with the knowledge of God, because we can’t. Indeed there are so much more to know and so much to discover about our maker. There’s a saying which goes, the created cannot be more knowledgeable than his creator. And it’s true. He works on ways we cannot expect. God is truly amazing.

Being part of the worship ministry in our church, I am just so thankful at how God reveals himself to me that I am able to share it to the people as I minister to them. And every time I prepare my line up of songs, each time is a different theme about Him. I am just amazed at how God is really so wonderful. And none can really compare to Him.

And this is for sure…if we have this kind of knowledge about God we can truly depend on His word that says:

“Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

God can be anything or anybody for us at every circumstances or situations we are into.

This week's IOW is hosted by Susan of Forever His . She has chosen a quote by Joni Eareckson Tadaby.


credits: Angela Sharrow's A Spring Garden Quick Page

My daughter at 22 months...the telebabad queen! :D

Monday, April 14, 2008

This was really for me

Our company is into telecoms. It’s my first time to work in this industry so during my first month I remember I was very inquisitive and curious about our products and services. It was my first time to encounter words like coax cables, station protectors, satellite modems, patch panels, etc. I had frequent visits on our company’s websites to further gain understanding on what our company is really doing. And since then my vocabulary on telecoms term was broaden.

I was really glad to have worked here. On August, this year I’ll reach my 4th year anniversary. I was telling my self how glad I am to have work on a company longer than a year and a half….:D


I was calling home to check on my daughter but no one’s answering the phone. Even the nanny’s phone is unattended. I already asked my parents to check where the nanny and my daughter went. I almost lost my temper because I found out that the nanny left the house with my daughter just to buy a cell phone headset at 12 noon! I was worried sick! Because of that I cannot concentrate on my assignment about golf bags. Tsk..tsk..tsk…

On gaining weight

The thought of using weight loss pills has never crossed my mind. I never had problems about losing weight ever since. What I do want is to gain. My current weight is 40 kilos and for my age, I’m underweight. I’ve tried taking several vitamins, supplements and milk but to my dismay, nothing happened. So since then I stopped taking vitamins and just kept on eating full meals everyday. I think my daily routine is what keeping me from gaining weight. Oh well….

Friday, April 11, 2008

Book lover

My sister loves books. Especially novels like Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings. She also loves book turned TV series and vice versa. I remember when I was in college, there’s a TV series she loved watching. She said that if it will be published, she will get a copy. And she did. She got the 7th Heaven book as her companion to the TV series. I wish I’m also a reader like her. I read books but I’m a bit choosy, not like her who really has that kind of passion.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Our Company Outing and my daughter's first swimming experience

It was our company's summer outing last Saturday at Coral View Beach Resort in Morong, Bataan. I brought with me my daughter and her nanny. It was my daughter's first time to attend our company outing and her first time mag swim na medyo may isip na kahit konte :D. If Jerry's here it could have been more fun...

We traveled early Saturday morning to reach the resort by 8:30. I woke her up at 3:30 because our call time in the office is at 4:30. We arrived at the meeting place at the exact time. While traveling, my daughter was observing the roads. She was quietly enjoying the trip.

We arrived at
the venue 15 minutes before 9am. We started with a game first then we gave the employees their free time to enjoy the resort afterwards.

The day was really hot so I took my daughter to the pool to take a splash immediately after the game.

At first she was really screaming and crying h
ard. She seems scared of the water. It took me mga 30 minutes to convince her to try to atleast dip her feet in the water. She doesn't want her nanny to hold her, siguro she feel more secure if I was the one holding her e.

I thought of putting on
her swimming vest (bakit kasi di ko naisip agad..) She loves this vest because of the fishes. After wearing it she felt secured na siguro kaya ayun, she began to smile and enjoy the water na...

By the way, my officemate also brought her son Iori with her. Nakakatuwa kasi whenever they meet (my daughter and Iori), the little boy would hug and kiss her. Pagdating pa lang namin sa office before taking the trip, the little boy immediately hug and kissed her upon seeing my morning kiss agad ang baby ko! :D

Hmmm....mukhang magiging childhood sweethe
arts pa yata ang dalawang ito! :D. Jaden is 4 months older than Iori.

Here's some more pictures of her....


Most OFWs nowadays are investing on getting their own homes. And it seems that this is one great opportunity for mortgage lenders to give them what their company can offer. I am not particular about mortgages because the house that we got was under HDMF, a Philippine government agency that offers housing loan with lower interest compare to bank or in-house financing.

My father is.... upholsterer. He assembles and repairs leather office chairs, beds, car seats, and various kinds of living room chairs. It has been his work since we’re young. He’s not earning big but because it’s his passion, he’s fulfilled. Several people who have been his apprentice have already established their own repair shops. I guess they feel they're ahead of him but it doesn’t bother my father. Because for him, what’s good is he was able to help somebody through his knowledge and skills.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My sister's wedding last Saturday...

...made me sick...literally!

I was the day-coordinator and my older sister and I stood as emcees during the reception. It went out good. Although there are some glitches, which I think not our fault naman :D. It was a garden wedding held at L' Orchard in Antipolo. The whole event was decided by the groom's parents. So that means, wala akong say on some areas during the preparation, which I think was difficult on the part of any person in charge in coordinating an event. Whew!!

It went out ok if not cpunting some unexpected circumstances like:

  • The caterer was late on setting up the venue for the ceremony and reception areas. It was really a big headache!
  • It rained 30 minutes before the ceremony so, we started late as well. The ceremony area was totally washed out!
  • One of the sponsors (a politician) didn't even had the chance to witness the ceremony. He left just before it started. May appointment daw kasi ng 5pm so he needs to leave before 5. And because of that I was pressured by the groom's parents. The ceremony should start at 4pm but since it rained the groom's father requested that we wait until the rain stops. It stopped at 4:30 but we need to re-arrange the area tapos the mother naman kept on telling me to start na because the mayor will leave daw in 5 minutes! Ano ba yun?!? Nakakaloka talaga! :D
  • Some important items for the ceremony were missing or I think not properly coordinated by the groom's parents with the caterer like the holder for the unity candle, the kneelers and the podium. They told me kasi everything was confirmed and settled na with the caterer, so on my part I didn't put much attention on that. If I only knew....
  • The sound system came early and their sound was good. I just didn't understand why it was a wedding and yet they don't have enough love songs to play for the pipe-in music during the reception. I gave them clear instructions plus a cd to use during the reception but they didn't play it. Kainis!!!
  • There are many other things pa. I just don't want to elaborate on them na lang....:D
Haaaayyyy....after the reception, I felt like collapsing! My legs and my head ached so much. I quickly went to the bridal room and change tapos I rested for about 30 minutes. Ang sakit sa ulo! :D

But all in all it was OK. The bride and groom were happy. Their friends and relatives are happy for them. I just hope that my sister with her husband will be united together to forever. I wish them all the best..

Here are some photos I'd like to share with you:

My daughter with her cousin. My niece was one of the flower girl.

My daughter holding a bouquet

Jaden with the bride

ok pa ang itsura ko dito..taken before all the pressures :D

Another Helpful Tips: How to Raise Charitable Children

Another useful tips for us parents:

Our generosity seems to kick in around the holidays, but charity in its best form is a yearlong — and lifelong — endeavor. The funny thing about giving back to your community is that once you start, it's hard to stop. Here's how to help children gain a positive attitude about charity.
Even small children can understand that others kids may not be as lucky as them. To that end, they can be encouraged to get into the habit of giving back to their community and sharing all that they have. If they receive or want a new toy, encourage them to part with an older toy that's in good shape and can be enjoyed by another child. The same goes for gently used clothes. When you're grocery shopping, show your children that you're buying an extra can or two as a food bank donation. At church or temple, explain to your kids where your donation goes and whom it helps. Giving back is a habit like anything else.

Some families encourage kids from a very young age to put aside money for charity. A standard rule of thumb is for any gift or allowance money to be divided into savings, charity and personal spending. You might want to encourage the giving part of the equation by matching the amount your children are donating to charity and helping them decide what charity to give to. To make their financial donation more concrete, explain how much money it takes to rescue one manatee that's been injured by a boat propeller, or to buy shoes or food for one child in Africa.

Holidays are, obviously, a great time to get your children involved in giving. Angel trees, where you leave needy children gifts of their choice, can often be found in shopping centers. Let your kids be the angels and choose the child they want to help. As youngsters read the gift requests, they may be shocked that so many children think getting a pair of pajamas is something special. Although your kids won't ever get to meet the gift receiver, they'll enjoy buying a special small toy to go with the practical gift. Another nice way to celebrate the holidays is to help serve a holiday meal at a homeless shelter or home for abused mothers.

As kids get older, they can begin to understand more clearly how their philanthropy has a positive impact and makes them feel worthwhile and connected to the larger world. It's a great self-esteem booster to be part of a cleanup effort at a local park or to see the happy faces of nursing home residents when you go to play checkers with them. If your children have a relative with breast cancer, they may feel helpless, but tell them they can hand out water to runners raising money to fight breast cancer, and they will feel powerful. In the end, that's what you want: children who know they are making a difference and are empowered by it.
© Copyright 2008, Meredith Corporation

How To Raise Good Citizens

I got this email from a friend and thought of sharing it here.

We all want our children to be good, compassionate, helpful people. That's not always what we get — and sometimes it's our fault. Truth is, good character and a strong work ethic are learned at home. Here's how to help set the scene.

Little pitchers have big ears. A strange expression, to be sure … but true when it comes to how children pick up ideas and behaviors from the adults around them. To raise respectful children, we have to walk the walk and talk the talk by respecting those around us. Basic manners are a good way to start teaching respect; hearing "please" and "thank you" and learning to give somebody personal space — that all sinks in. So does emphasizing the power of gratitude. If a child learns to be thankful for even the simplest things — a sunny day, a special outing, a lick in the face from a new puppy — he or she will be more equipped to appreciate all of life's little pleasures — and any people who make them happen.

When children are overindulged, they may believe that they are somehow better than everyone else or that good behavior isn't necessary. And while it's important that we encourage our kids, hearing the word "no" every now and then helps them learn to postpone gratification, tolerate frustration and set long-term goals — all necessary attributes of good citizenship. Introducing children to the idea of giving back through charity work, the Scouts or church will help foil the spoiling monster.

Working hard has its rewards, and children need to learn them. We're not talking allowance here but the bigger picture of what it means to contribute to the household and society, to create something good, to help others, to be an important part of making something work. Daily chores — feeding the pet, watering plants or emptying the dishwasher — help even little kids feel needed and teach the value of pitching in. Children learn the most from work that's nonnegotiable. Make a list, divvy it up, expect the best. Children who aren't expected to contribute to the family don't learn that it's better to give than to receive — in any arena.

© Copyright 2008, Meredith Corporation