Wednesday, September 26, 2007

She looks like who?

I saw this from Nice's blog and was excited to try and see what would be the result...

Well, I think the meter tells the truth then.. but why are a lot of our friends and relatives say that Jaden looks more like her dad and I often I've got proof to show! Hehehe :D

What's your desktop?

Been tagged by Toni...

The idea:

"Most people send a considerable amount of time in customizing or in finding a desktop wallpaper that suits their taste. Sadly, our computers often remains personal.

Why don't we brag to the world our good-find wallpapers and let them have a peek to our personality via our desktops?"
So here's mine:

It changes every month because I use a digiscrapped wall paper which I usually get from Shabby Princess' blog (She's giving free desktop wallpapers monthly to her readers). I often put pictures of my daughter to make it more personal.

Well, that's it. Let's see those of Heidi, Nette, and Melisse.


 darling daughter...I love you so much!

Thank God

I had a not so good Monday. First day of the working week and I was dressed down for such unreasonable matters.

Issues at work lately have been dragging my spirit down…it’s hard when all the good things you’ve done, all the things you’ve contributed in the past, will just be overtaken by mistakes…those were retained, good deeds forgotten forever. Now, it seems that the focus are the next blunder or nonachievement I’ll make…*Sigh*... It’s hard to defend yourself especially when you know that issues about you has been spreading around making you the subject of chit-chats. Can’t help but feel dismayed. Honestly what’s happening now was really depressing…making me think of redirecting my path...(But I’m still consulting God for that) Thank God, though, He’s joy continually fills me…still, God’s giving me reasons to smile everyday and still come to work. Hubby has been very encouraging as always...explaining to me the two sides of the coin. Though he’s far, he never fails to lift up my spirit when I’m down in the dumps. My daughter has been giving me the joy I need. Every time I got home and she just hug me, show those twinkling eyes, and kisses me, all the toxics of the day are being instantly washed out. With these things, I’m thankful.

God is really GOOD.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another award

The Nice Matters Award: “This award is for those who are just nice people, good blog friends, and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those who care about others, who are there to lend support, or those who are just a positive influence in our blogging world.”

Kitts generously bestowed this to some of her blogging friends and I was surprised that she included me. I am honored to be nominated by such a devout lady blogger. She explains:

"Mhay of In love for life
She inspires me to be a better mother, wife and
christian. Somehow even if I don't know her personally, knowing that our daughters are of the same age helps me relate to her. Everyday I check out her blog to see how she's coping as she temporarily raises Jaden on her own."

I don't know what to say. I rarely get awards. And I was not even expectant to receive as such…but I accept it humbly. And I think I had to live up to it...continue being nice :D. Now here’s my thank you speech:

First, I want to thank the
W@W community for it was there that I learned how to blog. I also thank my ever helpful online friends and my IT friends (in the office) as well, for giving me knowledge on the technical sides. I thank God for the things that He causes me to experience --from my work, my family and friends, my “extra curricular activities” at church, and specially the two person so dear to me, my husband and daughter-- for me to have things to blog about. I thank my blogging friends and visitors who inspires me to continually update and keep it going, and of course, the internet world for giving me the space and place to do it.

And now, my awardees (in no particular order):

1.) Nice of We are Family - Anyone who knows Nice would agree that she deserves the Nice Matters Award..not because her name is “Nice”. Kidding aside, I don't know her personally (met her only once in a n@w gathering) but you could sense a caring and compassionate individual through her writings. She continuously inspires me especially on my Christianity as well as family matters.

2.) Kitts of Marriage?!
Think Twice- Kitts is another one of those people that I find really nice though I have not known her personally. You know when you read her posts that you are seeing the real person behind them- no pretenses and no fronts. She even had the way of making her reader laugh and be intrigued of the things she writes about. I check her blog daily as we have something in common: daughters of the same age and almost the same birthdays.

3.) Mec at Crazy, Happy Arevalos
- Mec is an everyday nice w@w and n@w member. She always had a nice word to say for everyone. She’s got sensible ideas and opinions to contribute to her online community friends and she inspires her readers specially those who got married and trying to conceive, which is why I always enjoy my visits to her blog- she makes all her visitors feel right at home.

4.) Mai of Love. happiness. Us
- I met her at one of the W@wie’s gathering. Though I don’t know her that much, I find her post inspiring. She’s got a niche in writing.

5.) Heidi of Winged
Words- is another nice person that I have had the privilege of getting to know (at least thru blogosphere). I could sense a good individual in her. I always enjoy the variety of things she has and posts she writes at her blog.

Congratulations ladies, you have inspired and taught me as well as your readers out there..You are making the blogosphere a kinder place.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Get to know me more

Thanks Mich for the tag...:D

Q1: What are you doing 10 years ago?
On my second year in college… still adjusting and enjoying. Busy with studies and no time for love life. :D

Q2: What were you doing 1 year ago?
September of last year was my 2nd month at work after giving birth. I became a working mother but loving it.

Q3: What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
I love snack time! :D I love
-cheese burger meal
-potato chips
-Ice cream
-siomai (sa canteen)

Q4: What are 5 songs you know the lyrics to?
I love singing but I don’t really memorize lyrics. It will just come out naturally specially when we sing at videokes/karaokes but to name a few:
- I Honestly Love You
- It might be you
- Special Memory
- Nursery Rhymes
- Hillsongs

Q5: 5 things you would do if you are a millionaire
- Save for my daughter’s future
- Buy our own house and lot plus car (hehehe!)
- Travel in and out of the country with my family and my parents
- Give to charity

- And save the rest :D

Q6: 5 bad habits
- pessimist at some point
- perfectionist (sobrang OC minsan)
- Procrastinator
- Clumsy
- compulsive shopper (sometimes)

Q7: 5 things you like to do:
- Visit hubby at his work (but this is quite impossible)
- Bond with my daughter
- Get a driving lesson asap
- have time for my self
- cook

Q8: 5 favorite toys:
I don't have "toys", I only got: Jaden :D

Q9: 5 things you would never wear:
- micro mini skirt
- two piece bathing suit :D
- tongs or g-strings
- low necklined blouses
- fake long eye lashes

Q10: 5 things you hate to do:
- ironing clothes
- Searching “unsearchable” things
- waking up early in the morning
- like mich, surfing in a really SLOW internet connection
- working on week-ends

I'm tagging: Heidi, Chi, Mitch, and Yette..enjoy :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Love Award

I've recieved a news that made my day really wonderful! Thanks Nice :) Geez...I didn't even know that somehow, someone loves my blog that she even gave me this award..

Woww!! I was sooooo overwhelmed... ;)

And now I'm passing the love...

We Are Family (giving back the love :))

Marriage?! Think Twice

Paul, Toni and Lance---Bridging the Distance

My Own Perspectives

Monday, September 17, 2007

Week-end thrills

Our weekend was great.

It was my niece's 3rd birthday last saturday...we went to Mc Donalds first with her parents. She loves the play place very much that's why. In the afternoon, my sister bought ice cream and cake and prepared baked macaroni. The kids had fun!

Sunday was exciting...

Got my package and was able to see hubby's pictures and videos for the first time after 3 months. I miss him so much. The phone he sent me contained songs he sang and recorded and a video message. It was so sweet of him..

It's sad that we can't get to see each other often even thru a webcam since the hospital he's working prohibits them from using the internet and he can’t go to internet cafes even if he’s off coz his schedule won’t permit him. But he sends me emails from time to time coz he can open yahoo mail though very discreet. I'm just so thankful that he's doing fine.

God is really sooo GOOD!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good things and bad...

The good thing...

My little package from hubby came! This is what I am talking about here.

I got this ...a new phone finally,
and this ....and one more perfume :D ..... finally, I got my gifts! :) I so love my husband. :)

His co-worker who arrived last Saturday was realy so kind..thanks to her.

And the bad....

Acute Viral Conjunctivitis "sore eyes" hit my sister's family. She was the virus carrier, after her was her husband, then my sister who's with, it got my poor daughter. Haaay, it was so distressing...iniiwas-iwas ko pa naman siya, ang hirap lang kasi di mapigilan na humalik sa tito at tita...yan tuloy nahawa. :(

Friday, September 14, 2007

One of those days..

Been hit by "tamaditis" once again.....

But something exciting is coming.

I'll post once I had it na...I'm feeling giddy!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Last Saturday was my helper/yaya's birthday... so I guess it's just right to celebrate...being a kind "amo" that I am (hehehe!).

Actually I didn't know what to do... should I cook, or just buy her a gift? or just give her money so she can buy what she want? I even asked some people's opinion coz I'm really clueless. What happened was I asked her what she wanted to do, so we end up going to the mall to eat and I just gave her some money for her to buy something.

We went first to Worlds of Fun so Jaden can play then we went to French Baker to have our dinner...
Just my way of paying back the good things she has done so far for my baby. It's a wonderful day!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hello,"Ber" months!

Here comes the "ber" months..and that means, sabi nga ng dj sa radio, it seems that everything becomes exciting and people are looking forward to something. Parang biglang nagpapalit ng color ang mundo :) Well in short, Christmas time is coming once again and guess what, I already heard a Christmas song played on the radio...excited talaga sa Christmas! hehe...but for me, haaay... this will be the first Christmas that we'll be celebrating apart from each other. Kalungkot! :(

Anyway, the last quarter of the year is approaching. And I already made an assessment of what I have accomplished from my goals which I have set early this year... some were accomplished naman. so far so good. But I still need to really be very vigilant on our finances..and budget. Well, I still have time so I'm looking to a positive end of year.

I thank God for the past wonderful months!