Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our First Christmas

I am very happy. This is the first Christmas that we're a family already. I'm thankful that God's been so good to us. We're celebrating it now with our daughter, Jaden. Though I didn't receive any super-expensive gifts, I'm still happy that my family is well, and complete. This is the most wonderful gift I've ever recieved.

trip to Baywalk

Christmas -- had our Noche Buena with my family.

Gift-giving time...

Our angel...soundly sleeping at Christmas Day!..
last year, she was still in my tummy now look at her, so big!:D

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas rush

Ngayon ko lang yata naramdaman na mag rush. Maybe because I'm so pre-occupied with workload and so i have no time to buy gifts for my love ones and friends. Iba nga talaga pag may baby na. Kaya ayun, mega Christmas shopping rush talaga ako two days before Christmas. whew!

Dec. 21, my officemates and I went to megamall afterwork to buy some gifts tapos we ate at French baker, 8 na rin kami naghiwa-hiwalay.

Dec. 22, I filed a leave and brought jaden to her pedia forher check up (she has colds and 1 week na, kakaawa baby ko) I was with my mother. After that we went to our office and showed Jaden to my officemates. Nagpa-cute nanaman po ang anak ko, kaya tuwang-tuwa sila. heheh! then we went to galleria to do last minutes shopping again. Jaden enjoyed it alot. Tili ng tili while we're inside the kaya tuloy tuwang-tuwa ang mga sales ladies sa kaniya. Center of attraction nanaman. Then, we decided na sunduin ang daddy niya sa work. He's working in taytay kaya from galleria diretso kami taytay sana. buti di masyado traffic unlike nung papunta pa lang kami ortigas. Kaya lang kakaalis lang ni jerry sa hospital kaya nag meet na lang kami half way. After that, punta naman kami Sta. Lucia. Shopping ulit! hehehe. A real long and tiring day talaga. NApagod din siguro si baby kaya maaga nakatulog that night.

Dec. 23, I'll be semi-coordinating my friend-officemate's wedding so busy day again.

Dec. 24, Preparation for the noche buena naman...

haaay...super nakakapagod na week talaga! But enjoyed it alot!

Monday, December 11, 2006


Last Sunday was Jaden's Dedication Day.

Although it rained during the reception, I was still thankful that it was still a success. :). Jaden was so happy she didn't have any mood swings at all..not even a single cry.:D She smiled all the time and she entertained her guests well. Tuwang-tuwa ang mga ninongs and ninangs niya...kaya lang napagod yata kaya last night maaga nakatulog :D.

Meek's Dedication

left: looking at Pastor Roland as she was being prayed for and dedicated..
Right Top: Curious of what's going on...
Right Middle: Her adorable cake from Red Ribbon..
Right Bottom: Her guests all lined up to the buffet table.

I am so thankful that God helped us make this event happen... For His provisions and all the blessings.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Company Christmas Party

At last!

I've been sooo busy the past weeks. I was appointed chairman for the Christmas Party Committee of our company and I must was a HUGE responsibility. REALLY!

Thank God, everything went well. And it was a true success!

The theme was "Super..Sikat..Pinoy!" and we encouraged the employees to dressed up like their Pinoy Idols...and I portrayed Jasmine Trias here...:D

Friday, December 01, 2006

6 months

This is a list that I need to take note of...

My Angel, at six months, You are..
  • A bundle of joy to everyone. Especially to your uncles and aunts. You have your own way of making pa-cute with people around you.
  • Love communicating with other people. You try out several noises in different pitches. You loves to scream and squeal!
  • Love it when somebody is singing you to sleep. But you already learned to sleep now by your self.
  • You don’t always ask for your milk. You have such a kind disposition
  • Love Peek-A-Boo.
  • Love to play with momny’s cell phone.
  • Love it when ate Alyssa plays with you. You giggle out loudly!
  • Love to eat solids already – you do love mashed potato from KFC! -- bad
  • Showing sign of personality - you rarely cry, you scream when: you are hungry, or sleepy and can’t get your sleep.
  • Show a cheerful disposition! You dont wake up crying! Always this way: Stretch, go on tummy, smile and tap mommy’s face when I’m still asleep and you wake up first during Saturdays.
  • You have your own way of mimiking daddy’s funny face! (manang-mana sa ama!)
  • Hate being clothed. It always turns into a squealing / screaming session.
  • Love the water!!! You straighten up your legs and laughs and coos and make noise when bathing.
  • Love your ears being cleaned. You even stop crying when mommy put cotton bud in your ears.
  • You automatically closes and opens your hands when they are held up.
  • You already have your favorite song. You pause and listen intensely when you hear it.