Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I am so wanting to buy her a playmat.

Last week, I bought her her first play gym and she love it! I know she will be busy once she's on it na...And I'm right. Her attention is always on the moving toys that sometimes, she ignores me (lol).

::happy birthday to my blog!!::

It's been two years....this month, my blog just turned TWO ...



Just want to post this before I go....

......isn't she adorable?? :D

Wanted: Maid

I feel so stressed out the past weeks... hirap ng walang helper talaga sa bahay. Good thing my mother's taking care of Jaden during week days so hindi ko pinoproblema masyado ang yaya, but the HOUSE....oh my! The week-end which should be my time for rest turns out to be the only time for cleaning up. Sobrang nakaka pagod. Parang every week-end general cleaning sa bahay....Whew!! Thank God din at least for the past two Saturdays, may nakuha na kong taga-plantsa ng damit namin, malaking tulong sakin. Hirap kasi ng laba tapos the next day plantsa naman. Parang hindi ko nasusulit ang week-end ko, the days which supposed to be my bonding time with baby. Haaay..... Sana makahanap na kami ng all-around helper (hmmm...san ba kami makakakuha?:D). I digress.

Saw this from
Nette's blog and I tried it. Naaliw naman ako sa mga celebrity look-a-likes ko..... Hahaha!!!

"How was that? biruin mo, kahawig ko pala si CATHERINE ZETA-JONES?????":D

How about in this one......

" I look like Jessica Alba, and Michelle Branch??? my dreams.....LOL!"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

4 months

Jaden Meekaila at 4 months!

Milestones - part 2

Jaden's ok na... naglalambing nga lang siguro last week kaya very uncomfortable ..super bait na niya these days. By the way, nakakatuwa pala once you see your baby do unusual things noh? As you can see on the pics above, she can now hold her toys/rattles, she can turn on sides (I considered it just now kasi yung before with our help pa..hehehe), she can already sit, supported nga lang :D, and she can roll over!

Ang bilis talga ng panahon...Jaden just turned 4 months last Saturday, of course, we celebrate it. Pics will be posted on next post.