Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Two nights na kaming walang tulog ni Jerry. Two nights na ring irritated si Jaden.

I don't know what's bothering her sleep. She cries alot and doesn't want to be put on her crib. She just want to be carried all night. The other night naman okay pa siya. Sobrang happy and naglalaro pa before she sleep. All I can remember is napainom yata siya ng spoiled milk..:(

Yesterday nung ihatid ko siya sa house ng mother ko, ok naman siya kahit maligalig siya nung gabi. I asked my mother to observe her kasi baka nga magka diarrhea or magsuka. Pero pagsundo ko kahapon after office, di naman daw siya nagka-diarrhea. Haaay....ang hirap talaga pag baby ang ganito. Hindi mo naman matanong kung anong masakit sa kaniya dahil di ka naman sasagutin. I asked her pedia this morning, sabi niya observe ko pa rin daw. Nagaala talaga ako sa baby ko.

Ano ba ang mangyayari sa baby na nakainom ng spoiled milk???

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


ang bait-bait ng Jaden ko..

last Sunday, we were at mother's house. She was playing and gigling and was so charming..then all of a sudden quiet na siya...pagtingin ko tulog na pala..

look at her....ang bait! :D

Saturday, September 16, 2006


It was Jaden's cousin - Alyssa's 2nd birthday. Each kid got to take home a balloon..even my Jaden :D

She enjoyed playing with it....

Monday, September 04, 2006


Jaden's first date with us :D .... Sta. Lucia East Grandmall

lakwatsera na at 3 months!

with daddy

Friday, September 01, 2006

Milestones - part1

Jaden's Milestones...

..first time she actualy laughed : August 20, 2006. 8:57 p.m
..first time she hold her head up: August 18, 2006

hmm...I was inspired by
Mai to do LOs..below are the outcome of the creative side of me..

Raechell knight Mama's kitchen quickpage
Program used: PS 7.0
Fonts: Journaling:Angelina, Title: Charrington

I love this one, the poem really touched me...

Raechell Knights Wildflower Pagebytes-Quickpage
Program: PS 7.0
Fonts: Journaling: Angelina, Title: Richard Murray

Baby's Word: by Frank Greg (netpoets)
Although I am small and cannot say a word
these thoughts of my family I wish could be heard . . .
I feel all your love and the kind things you do.
I get so excited that I smile and coo.
A soapy warm bath or the comb through my hair
all your soft whispers that tell me you care.
Then wrapped in your arms it is safe and secure
protected with tenderness that is perfect and pure.
And if ever I'm messy, hungry, or coldwith
just a small whimper I'm quickly consoled.
You kiss and caress to stop me from weeping
then patiently wait 'til I'm comfortably sleeping.
You make my life joyous, full of colors and fun
when I see you each morning your face is my sun.
So, if you aren't certain your gestures are felt
look deep in my eyes and I'm sure you will melt.
They say I'll grow fast like the blink of an eye
but do not be sad at the time that goes by.
Because I'll remember all you've given and shared
to get me through life completely prepared.
I'll be the great one who stands out in the crowd
your hearts will be happy I'll make you so proud.
I thank you so much for all that you do
and never forget that I love you, too.