Wednesday, July 05, 2006


There's a rainbow after the storm....

Truth. We've had enough emotional pains the past weeks, but truly God is in control and He answers prayers.
Our baby was confined to the hospital two weeks ago. She was diagnosed of Neonatal Siezure. We actually don't know kung bakit. I just oberved nung 7th day of life niya, after her BCG vaccine, her hands and feet twitches kapag mahimbing ang tulog niya. I was disturbed kaya I asked her pedia kung normal lang ba yun sa baby. She asked us to bring the baby to her para ma observed.

When we brought her to the hospital, she explained to us na normal naman ang activity niya nung lumabas siya, even the results of her new born screen is normal. Wala din naman ako naging sakit or infection nung pinagbubuntis ko siya but to be sure, she'll oberved the baby and perform several tests. She also did lumbar puncture to get spinal fluid. Sabi ng doctor, para malaman if she has infection sa brain and to rule out meningitis. Three days kami nag stay sa hospital and during those days, naawa talaga ako sa baby ko. Unsuccessful kasi ang lumbar puncture niya and 3 times yun na ginawa... tapos kinukuhaan sya lagi ng dugo...she's too young to experience those pains eh. Sabi ng doctor, she needs to undergo 4 procedures to rule out any abnormalities. 1st is the Lumbar Puncture, 2nd is the cranial ultrasound, 3rd is the EEG and last is CT Scan. She'll take antibiotics thru IV untill maging normal result ng lumbar puncture niya. Cranial ultrasound results show normal naman and no blood clot sa brain or water. Until the thrid day hindi naging successful ang lumbar tap sa baby ko, but we decided to take her home and give her home meds na lang.. Si jerry ang nag-iinject ng antibiotics sa kanya thru heplock.

The doctor told us to bring the baby back after 5 days to try again the lumbar tap. During those days we are realy praying hard na sana pagbalik namin successful na at makakuha na ng fluid..Our friends and relatives are also praying for our baby. And God anwered our prayers, successful ang pag tap sa kaniya and the result is negataive from any infection. We felt so relieved. The doctor sad the siezure is benign and she'll just outgrow it. But we still need the EEG and CT Scan to be 100% sure. She had these tests and we're just waiting for the result. We are positive that God is in control of everything and the result is normal.

Now, she's 1 month and 4 days old na.. She still had mild siezures but I'm confident na wala lang yun. We are trusting God and we believe that everything will be ok.