Saturday, May 27, 2006

Maternity Leave

Today is my last day here in the office.

Finished with the things to be turned-over to my releiver....

I hope everything will be ok when I get back..hmmmm....

I'm getting closer to D-day, I'm excited. :D

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

False Alarm

I'm now on my 37th week.. 37 weeks and 1 day pregnant, to be exact.

Last Sunday, I visited my OB for my weekly check up. She examined me again and it really hurts! Good thing, the baby is doing ok (150 bpm).. She said that I'm already 1-2 cm and she estimated that it can happen anytime this week. I felt relieved. She said also that I can now go to the mall and do my walking exercises. Kaya naman, after my check up, go kami ni hubby sa mall. When we went home, ok pa naman pakiramdam ko. I stayed at my parent's house since Jerry need to go to Mandaluyong pa for a meeting engagement.

Things suddenly went bad by 8:30 p.m. I had contractions. Inobserved ko muna kasi feeling ko na stress lang ako. but as I observed, naging frequent siya with 5 minutes intervals and painful na. Observed ako uli, by 9:30 p.m nagco-contract pa rin siya and may pain na rin sa lower back ko so sabi ko baka labor contractions na to. Kinakabahan na talaga ko.. My mother sent my younger brother sa house to get my hospital bag..just in case..

Patuloy pa rin contractions ko. I texted na my OB. She said observed ko pa raw, if hindi ako nakatulog and the following day, tuloy tuloy pa rin contractions with 5 minutes intervals or less, I should go to the hospital na. By 11 p.m. Jerry fetched me and I decided to go home muna since sabi ng doctor observed ko pa daw. It was a torturing pain... I was crying na talaga. I was up until 2:30 a.m. with the same contractions. I thought she's coming out na talaga... Buti na lang she didn't. [ I told her not to come out last night because I still need to go to the office and turn over some minor things. She cooperated naman. (masunurin ang baby ko :D)] Jerry was very supportive that time. I can see his concern and of course, his excitement. We just prayed that if it's time na, make it easy for me. But if not, give me the comfort at makatulog na ko. After praying, I went to the bathroom to pee, there's blood na, but still minimal. I went back to our bed and endured the pain it was already 2:30 am. Thank God, nakatulog na ko. When I woke up this morning, wala na contractions and minor lower back pain na lang. I believe God heard our prayers.

I'm planning to file my ML this week and avail it starting next week. I feel that This has been a long pregnancy already and I'm so anxious na to feel comfortable again.. and of course, to see my baby. I'm praying also that God will make our waiting much shorter. I know He's always there and He knows, and will not forget, that there's a human inside me that needs to come OUT :D!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Final Stage

I dropped by Aggie's blog and saw little Martha..finally! I know Aggie's super excited with the new member of their family.. congrats Aggie and Edil!

As for me, I had my weekly check up last Saturday, I told my OB that I had several contractions lately and a feelling of a burning pain pressing my pelvic bone...and I'm still just approaching my 36th week.

She performed an IE and found out that my cervix is effacing already. She advised that I take 1 week bed rest to avoid pre-term labor. She said that if I won't take a rest baka masyado ako matagtag at mapaaga ang panganganak ko. Ok lang daw kung next week pa ko mag labor (37 weeks na ko) wag lang daw ngayong week na ito. Mahirap na mag pa-incubator!

She also said na baka hindi ko na abutin yung EDD ko which is June 11th. Upon hearing that, I had mixed emotions.. first, ayoko pa kasi mag leave until maglabor ako eh, and a week leave...for me matagal yun so sabi ko siguro kahit 3 days muna observe ko after that we'll see. Second, I felt excited.. excitement to know that I'm now on the final stage and can't wait to see baby Jaden. malapit na pala... then, I feel scared and nervous. Nervous about the pain of labor! Whew!....

Now, I'm still here in the office. (Matigas ang ulo ko noh? :D) I need to make bilin kasi sa aking releiver for my 3-day leave. Need to fix some things pa so that ok pag balik ko next week (kung hindi pa ko manganganak :D)..

Haay..the long wait will be over... I'm on the final stage! cant believe it, ang bilis ng time. I'm praying for a safe and normal delivery.. hope you'll pray with me too. There are alot of fears and apprehensions (which is normal daw sa mga pregnant mothers).. But I'm trusting God.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


All is set.... just waiting for her arrival....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jerry's birthday

Last Sunday, we celebrated Jerry's birthday... actually, it was a little surprise for him. :D

This is his first birthday with a wife na, so I thought maybe I should at least prepare some dishes for him and his bisita. Kaya lang when I asked him if he wants me to prepare sabi niya wag na lang...

but still, I can't help but do something for him eh.. so I asked my mother's help Saturday afternoon since I know I can't do the preparation on my own. And I want it to be a surprise nga, I don't want him to have an idea that I'm preparing. So the cooking and all the preparation will be handled by my mother sa house nila. She will just deliver the food Sunday afternoon sa house namin.

After our church service, I just acted casually and I didn't gave him any idea of what's happening sa house namin. He asked what should we buy for lunch.. I told him dumaan kami sa market to buy something. (Actually this is an alibi.. my sister texted me kasi na hindi pa raw ready eh, malapit na kami sa house). What's funny is that we saw my father along the way na may dalang pancit sa bilao papunta sa bahay nila.. sabi ng husband ko "buti pa sila may pancit".... sabi ko naman..."oo nga noh, buti pa sila..." (di niya alam pinabili ko yun :D ).. actually, pinag drive ko lang talaga siya, kasi wala naman kami talagangbibilhin... Pagdating namin sa house, buti nalang he didn't noticed my sister's bf's car na naka park sa labas at yung motorcycles ng father ko..(mga pasaway!!).. He was really surprised pagbukas niya ng pinto..

After that, we went to megamall and bought him a pair of shoes... my gift.

I know I made him happy kahit simple lang ang preparation and gift ko.

the celebrant, sweating and all, after kumain :D
us with my father na pa-cute :D
mga makukulit na pamangkins