Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Groan...Groan..Groan....yeah.... I'm super naiinip na talaga...... I can't wait to see my BABY!

I'm on my 29th week and I still have 11 weeks more! 11 more weeks of uncomfortable and sleepless nights for me :D..

Baby JM is very active... I'm happy.. though it's sort of uncomfortable at times. She kicks alot and hard... it hurts sometimes. She twists and turns and rolls alot.. But I'm glad because it only assures me that she's healthy. I kept a kickcount chart now to monitor her movements. I got it from
mommyguide. Also, this book Image hosting by Photobucket that I'm reading really helps alot in answering my questions throughout the stages that I'm going through. Thanks to my sister for giving this to me. I digress.
Two saturdays ago, I was scheduled for OGCT and other blood tests. CBC and Hematology. I didn't passed the OGCT that's why I 'm scheduled for another blood testing on April 8. This time, it would be an OGTT. I will be having 4 blood extractions and with fasting. Hope I'll passed it this time. These tests are way too costly! :D. I digress.

I don't eat mongo but it seems that I need to eat that now that my feet are beginning to swell. Edema that is. Though mild pa naman.. pero buti na na maagapan. I don't want to see my feet grow big like an elephant!! yikes!! hehehe... Good thing hubby is massaging them every night. I'm thankful. Now it lessen the swelling. :D . I digress a little more.

They say that at this stage is the time to shop for the baby. Well, I don't have alot to buy for my baby. My sister gave me Alyssa's baby clothes and other stuffs ... that it really sweet of her, at least I've saved on that part. :D. I just need to buy minor things. And a baby sling perhaps. Maya Wrap or R-Jelly?? I'll check on that. Im thankful too for the Avent Feeding Bottles that I got from the N@W baby shower.

Well... these are my thoughts for the moment..

Monday, March 20, 2006

It's a girl!

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IT'S A GIRL!!!! :D

Yup, we finally knew her gender and we're really happy. Jerry wanted our firstborn to be a girl. He said mas responsible and maalaga daw pag girl. Well, gusto ko rin girl e...ganda kasi ayusan..hehe :D

Last Friday is my scheduled ultrasound. It's not the usual ultrasound na ginagawa to know the gender on the 7th month. It's called Congenital Anomaly Scanning.. well, sounds really alarming. And I was kinda bothered since my OB scheduled me for that. I was on my 5th month then. I told her kasi that I had a mollar filling done and the dentist used laser. When I told my OB about it, she said that there's a possible risk but she's not that worried since the baby has reached it's crucial development before the fill. But though she said she's not that worried, as a mother, super worried naman talaga ako. Ano ba naman kasi yung ginawa ko without consulting first my OB no?

So we went to Delos Santos Hospital last Friday. (hindi ako dito manganganak, dito lang daw kasi available yung CAS na malapit sa amin) I was with Jerry. We were there 10 am, medyo marami ng patients so we waited for our turn. When the nurse called my name,I asked if Jerry could come inside. May poster kasi sila that said "Only Patients are allowed inside". They just told Jerry to wait na tawagin siya, pero guess what? natapos at natapos ang test ko, hindi siya tinawag. And natapos kami at around 1pm na. Ang sungit pa ng songrapher. Kainis talaga dun! hmp! Buti na lng one time lang visit ko sa hospital na yun.

Anyways, congenital anomaly scanning is being done to know if there are certain deffects or abnormalities sa baby. Katakot! The doctor gradually examines my baby. Every part ng body niya like her heart, stomach, spine, kidneys, hands, feet, face... basta lahat. I was really happy as I saw her sa monitor. Lalo na when I saw her little hands. Thank God complete ang mga fingers niya. I had weird dreams kasi before this ultrasound eh. After that, the doctor told me na she didn't find any abnormalities ..everything is ok and normal even her size. Praise God!!!

Now, medyo at peace na kami. We're even excited...We'll just wait for her time to come out. I know she'll be as beautiful as her mom and dad! :D

Friday, March 10, 2006


Ang hirap pala talaga pag nasa 3rd trimester na..ang bigat ng pakiramdam at yung dating pa sexy mag lakad..hmmm...iba na ngayon! waddling na! hehehe, yung dating 25 na waistline ko, 37 na ngayon and continuously gaining weight pa ko :( but I'm happy that my baby is very active. I can feel the kicks, rolls and hiccups every now and then. Nakakatuwa pala yung feeling na may gumagalaw sa loob ng tiyan. Its an assurance for me na ok siya.

Next week pa namin malalaman ang gender niya. My schedule for CAS (Congenital scanning) is on Friday next week.. We're excited... even my brother in laws and sisters excited na malaman. Some of my friends cannot really guess kung ano eh. Nakakatuwa lang pag nagtatalo sila kung girl or boy :D. Well...we'll know next week!