Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Week-end review

Saturday, we visited my OB for my monthly check-up. Our schedule is 4pm but I learned that Dra. Tan will be arriving at 5:30 so hubby and I went a little late. When we arrived, 5 preggy's were already lined up. But thank God Dra. Tan was not that late naman.

Doctora said my tummy's size is just normal..and no stretchmarks yet :D.. I gained 4 kilos! From last month's 43 kilos, I'm 47 now (from my 90 lbs (no baby yet) to 103.40 lbs!). I just need to gain 5 more kilos for the last trimester. That means no over-indulging and over-eating. My BP is normal also. She also checked the baby's heartbeat and it's normal as well. It's Jerry's first time to hear our baby's heartbeat so he recorded it on his mobile phone... He was so happy that he even set it as his ringing tone..hehehe.

I told her also about the leg cramps that I'm having during the night. She prescribed Calcium lactate and 3 glasses of hi-calcium milk every day.

She also scheduled me for a congenital "ultrasound" (I cannot actually recall the exact term my doctor used). It will be done on my 7th month so that we'll see if the baby's congenital development is okay...(we're praying that everything will be fine). I told her before that I had laser filling of my mollar. She said there's a risk but she's not at all worried since I already passed the stage of the baby's development when I had the fill. But to be sure I need to undergo on that ultrasound. She also discussed with us sedation and ephidural anesthesia... at least now I got already an idea on what to choose between the two... I'm excited and nervous.

Sunday. Bro-in-law's birthday. After church, we went to their house to have lunch. We sang all throughout that afternoon through videoke, then watch the rematch of Manny Pacquiao with Erik Morales. Glad to know that he won by TKO! Yehey! ( I didn't watch the whole fight, I' afraid he might not won If I watch..hehe)

After that, Jerry and I together with my sister and her husband went to Robinson's Metro East to watch Chronicles of Narnia. Jerry will be leaving tomorrow so we don't have time to celebrate anymore if not now... It was like a double date, and a simple celebration also of our 6th Monthssary.

Though I had a very uncomfortable sleep because of my aching legs (glad it didn't turned as cramps!) and minor abdominal pain last night, I still woke up early today so that Jerry would have breakfast before he leave. I also helped him packed up his things.

When he left, the house was quite. (*sigh)...I'll be all alone again.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Palagi daw akong "busog". My office mates usually teased me. I always have something to eat on my table. grabe, kain nga yata ako ng kain ngayon.. Ang takaw ko na!! wag naman sana ako mag over-weight.... argh!

I brought hotdog rolls which I made this morning for my merienda. Ate it and not satisfied, I still bought pancit from Vilma... ang takaw ko na nga!

My boss always asked me how am I feeling. This morning, I talked to him on the phone to update him on what's happening in the office..and he asked me the same question (he'll be in US for 2 weeks) I told him I'm ok.. Magulat kaya siya pagdating niya at makita niya ang malaki kong belly??? Don't worry sir, nakakakilos at productive pa naman ako kahit na buntis. :D


It's really wonderful when my husband is home.

It made me feel excited to prepare dinner for him. Kaya naman, everytime he's here, I see to eat that I prepare food which I'm sure he'll love... (I also feel good when he praises my recipes :D)

Last night after office, we went to the market to buy ingredients for our dinner. He said he want Ginataang Tilapia. When we arrived to the house, I just changed my clothes and proceed cooking... As I finished, I immediately set the table for our dinner... then we ate... then he said he love it!

This morning I prepared fried rice, ham and egg. I also prepared hotdog rolls for his merienda. Tonight, I'm planning to cook Lemon Chicken. I'm sure he'll like it too.

Whew! thanks to my mother who taught me to cook when I was still 9 years old! Buti na lang... Indeed it's really fulfilling.
Preggy kwento:

I'm now on my 20th week and my tummy is now bigger and more obvious. I cannot don anymore some of my office dresses. Even some that I thought was bigger and haven't wear when I wasn't pregnant yet seem not fit either. I guess I might start wearing maternity dresses now :D. My friends also told me that I gained weight. My cheeks are fuller and they said, bagay daw sakin. I've already gone out of the paglilihi stage that's why I can cook now and can eat almost everything I want...but of course I don't do that and indulge too much. I also sees to it that what I eat is also good for our baby.

I got cramps again last night. My second time. Thank God Jerry is always home when I get cramps... I'm also sleeping on my side now. I can't sleep lying flat on the bed, It's really uncomfortable.

Next month is our schedule for an ultrasound to know "her" condition and to check also on the gender. But I had a deep feeling she's a girl. ;)

Thursday, January 19, 2006


... what would you feel when you miss him.. and you want him to come home now...but he said he can't stay long... but you want his time...then you begin to have a fight.. and you totally wanted to talk to him personnaly...but you can't since he's there and you're here..and you only had your cellphones to communicate... you want to tell him everything you want to say... and then you began to realize you can't really tell him everything through the phone...and suddenly things seem to go wrong between you... and you feel that you both didn't understand each other... and you cried out all night because that's what you can only do... you tried to forget everything and just slept the night away...but felt the same way the next morning... and you went to your work in gloom...and you promised you will not talk to him all day... but you are anticipating and expectant of his message or call... but sadly, you received nothing.... and you promised your self you'll ignore him and will not text him or call him either...but when you got home you saw him.... standing by your door... smiling... and he said sorry.... and he embraced you... and kissed you... you'll be tongue-tied....

That's what happened yesterday....(see previous post..)

I was surprised last night when I got home.

Jerry standing by our door.... It totally washed away my anxiety and sadness.

See what LOVE can do?

It can easily change your mood...

It can totally make you forget the odds of yesterday...

... I embraced him and said sorry for being selfish and childish...

I thank God for my husband's patience...

Yes, I think, things like this is just NORMAL.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I can't think of anything to post. I'm kinda lost. My mind seems out there in the space. I'm at state of melancholy. Well, perhaps I am.

I think I'll better post next time when I'm OK.



They say, pregnant women tends to be more sensitive, moody and gets upset easily...

I'll get over this.

I didn't receive any text message from Jerry.... Don't ask.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006



Finally did it.

I decided to change the look of my blog. Well, just today. I realized, my blog needs a little make-over... got tired of the old skin. Thought of trying a simpler look ... and for once, get rid of the blinky things and other noisy stuffs....Uhmmm...

New year.. new look.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

+*+ Our Holidays together +*+

My husband and I had gone through alot of struggles in our relationship... we never thought we'll survived and end up together.. yet through it all, our love has grown stronger. I never thought that life could be happier with him... Now, I can't imagine my life without him.

Hindi na yata ako makakakita pa ng lalaking kagaya niya... He is the most precious gift God has given me..of course, except the gift of salvation. This, I realized by being with him for two weeks time...

It was really a wonderful feeling to share the holidays with my husband..It was our first Christmas and New Year together as husband and wife...and it was different. Really different.

Due to my condition, we didn't go to any of his relative's provinces to celebrate the holidays. But we had fun the whole week. We went shopping for gifts to give to our cute inaanaks, we found time to visit friends, we went cooking together..and eat together. He helped me cooked carbonara and buffalo wings which was our share for the family's noche buena.. We also had time to watched movies during the film festival, and went to baywalk to witnessed the pyro olympics...

During the New Year's Eve, before leaving our house to join with my family (we always join my family during Christmas and New Year and celebrate with them), we read the bible together first, and renew our promises to each other..and prayed. I was really crying when we we're praying. I was soo touched when my husband promised me that he will be more loving, etra sweet, responsible and good husband. He also promised to be a good daddy now that we're having our bundle of joy. I trust his word. Ngayon pa lang ramdam ko na yung kabutihan na pinapakita niya sakin...

I promised him also that I'll be a better wife... We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Though, expensive gifts aren't present...It's already a blessing big blessing for us to have each other.

I pray that as we go on with our lives as husband and wife, the love won't last. The joy won't end..and the humor will always be present...we laugh even on tiny little things..we've discovered that nothing is more reviving than a good laugh as we recount the day's little experiences to each other... It is true that marriage is a serious commitment for life, yet I think we can also be childlike about it and trust God's leading, taking one step at a time.

We stumble along; we make our mistakes; we have our disagreement and arguments. But afterwards we love each other all the more.

I'm praying that we'll always celebrate this season with each other...

Jerry and I at Baywalk, Manila Bay having our dinner after watching the fireworks display.

Our family picture during Christmas..after the gift giving. (we're complete now that ate Mendalyn's husband, kuya Mike went home from S.A.