Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our First Christmas

I am very happy. This is the first Christmas that we're a family already. I'm thankful that God's been so good to us. We're celebrating it now with our daughter, Jaden. Though I didn't receive any super-expensive gifts, I'm still happy that my family is well, and complete. This is the most wonderful gift I've ever recieved.

trip to Baywalk

Christmas -- had our Noche Buena with my family.

Gift-giving time...

Our angel...soundly sleeping at Christmas Day!..
last year, she was still in my tummy now look at her, so big!:D

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas rush

Ngayon ko lang yata naramdaman na mag rush. Maybe because I'm so pre-occupied with workload and so i have no time to buy gifts for my love ones and friends. Iba nga talaga pag may baby na. Kaya ayun, mega Christmas shopping rush talaga ako two days before Christmas. whew!

Dec. 21, my officemates and I went to megamall afterwork to buy some gifts tapos we ate at French baker, 8 na rin kami naghiwa-hiwalay.

Dec. 22, I filed a leave and brought jaden to her pedia forher check up (she has colds and 1 week na, kakaawa baby ko) I was with my mother. After that we went to our office and showed Jaden to my officemates. Nagpa-cute nanaman po ang anak ko, kaya tuwang-tuwa sila. heheh! then we went to galleria to do last minutes shopping again. Jaden enjoyed it alot. Tili ng tili while we're inside the kaya tuloy tuwang-tuwa ang mga sales ladies sa kaniya. Center of attraction nanaman. Then, we decided na sunduin ang daddy niya sa work. He's working in taytay kaya from galleria diretso kami taytay sana. buti di masyado traffic unlike nung papunta pa lang kami ortigas. Kaya lang kakaalis lang ni jerry sa hospital kaya nag meet na lang kami half way. After that, punta naman kami Sta. Lucia. Shopping ulit! hehehe. A real long and tiring day talaga. NApagod din siguro si baby kaya maaga nakatulog that night.

Dec. 23, I'll be semi-coordinating my friend-officemate's wedding so busy day again.

Dec. 24, Preparation for the noche buena naman...

haaay...super nakakapagod na week talaga! But enjoyed it alot!

Monday, December 11, 2006


Last Sunday was Jaden's Dedication Day.

Although it rained during the reception, I was still thankful that it was still a success. :). Jaden was so happy she didn't have any mood swings at all..not even a single cry.:D She smiled all the time and she entertained her guests well. Tuwang-tuwa ang mga ninongs and ninangs niya...kaya lang napagod yata kaya last night maaga nakatulog :D.

Meek's Dedication

left: looking at Pastor Roland as she was being prayed for and dedicated..
Right Top: Curious of what's going on...
Right Middle: Her adorable cake from Red Ribbon..
Right Bottom: Her guests all lined up to the buffet table.

I am so thankful that God helped us make this event happen... For His provisions and all the blessings.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Company Christmas Party

At last!

I've been sooo busy the past weeks. I was appointed chairman for the Christmas Party Committee of our company and I must was a HUGE responsibility. REALLY!

Thank God, everything went well. And it was a true success!

The theme was "Super..Sikat..Pinoy!" and we encouraged the employees to dressed up like their Pinoy Idols...and I portrayed Jasmine Trias here...:D

Friday, December 01, 2006

6 months

This is a list that I need to take note of...

My Angel, at six months, You are..
  • A bundle of joy to everyone. Especially to your uncles and aunts. You have your own way of making pa-cute with people around you.
  • Love communicating with other people. You try out several noises in different pitches. You loves to scream and squeal!
  • Love it when somebody is singing you to sleep. But you already learned to sleep now by your self.
  • You don’t always ask for your milk. You have such a kind disposition
  • Love Peek-A-Boo.
  • Love to play with momny’s cell phone.
  • Love it when ate Alyssa plays with you. You giggle out loudly!
  • Love to eat solids already – you do love mashed potato from KFC! -- bad
  • Showing sign of personality - you rarely cry, you scream when: you are hungry, or sleepy and can’t get your sleep.
  • Show a cheerful disposition! You dont wake up crying! Always this way: Stretch, go on tummy, smile and tap mommy’s face when I’m still asleep and you wake up first during Saturdays.
  • You have your own way of mimiking daddy’s funny face! (manang-mana sa ama!)
  • Hate being clothed. It always turns into a squealing / screaming session.
  • Love the water!!! You straighten up your legs and laughs and coos and make noise when bathing.
  • Love your ears being cleaned. You even stop crying when mommy put cotton bud in your ears.
  • You automatically closes and opens your hands when they are held up.
  • You already have your favorite song. You pause and listen intensely when you hear it.

Monday, November 20, 2006


This is my daughter as she shows her funny smooching face..:D

Friday, November 17, 2006


Just for fun....

Monday, November 13, 2006

Rolled Over


Jaden can already roll-over without me helping her.. :D kakatuwa! she can do it on her own na. For the record, she actually did it tonight at 7:00 pm. and did it three times.

We are sooo proud of you baby!

Friday, November 10, 2006

First Pictorial

Time really flew fast ...Jaden's already five months and at this early stage, she already know how to do the "close-open" and "up-down" exercises..:D She turned five months last Oct. 30.

I wanted to capture this moment of her life coz it's the stage when she can really laugh loud, sits and stand. We went to
blow-up babies last Nov. 1 to have her picture taken. (I requested Toni to be one of her sub-members that's why we saved a bit for the membership fee)

It was hard to be a stage mom. Really! It took us time to make her smile. We are really sweating to death just to make her give us a smile. During the pictorial Jaden was so timid and shy :( (she seem to feel uncomfotable since outside the studio, the office was cozy and the striking colors of the paints and interior made her feel in the mood). When we entered the studio, it was dark and the lights are super dim. Thank God, the lady photographer is really very good and she was able to capture Jaden's "precious" smile.

She had a lot of shots.. which took us some time to choose what to be printed out. If we can only have them all printed out-- it's just a bit pricey. But the result is really satisfactory. I'll treasure this photos for life. Babies are really beautiful.

you can view her other pictures here

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I am so wanting to buy her a playmat.

Last week, I bought her her first play gym and she love it! I know she will be busy once she's on it na...And I'm right. Her attention is always on the moving toys that sometimes, she ignores me (lol).

::happy birthday to my blog!!::

It's been two years....this month, my blog just turned TWO ...



Just want to post this before I go....

......isn't she adorable?? :D

Wanted: Maid

I feel so stressed out the past weeks... hirap ng walang helper talaga sa bahay. Good thing my mother's taking care of Jaden during week days so hindi ko pinoproblema masyado ang yaya, but the HOUSE....oh my! The week-end which should be my time for rest turns out to be the only time for cleaning up. Sobrang nakaka pagod. Parang every week-end general cleaning sa bahay....Whew!! Thank God din at least for the past two Saturdays, may nakuha na kong taga-plantsa ng damit namin, malaking tulong sakin. Hirap kasi ng laba tapos the next day plantsa naman. Parang hindi ko nasusulit ang week-end ko, the days which supposed to be my bonding time with baby. Haaay..... Sana makahanap na kami ng all-around helper (hmmm...san ba kami makakakuha?:D). I digress.

Saw this from
Nette's blog and I tried it. Naaliw naman ako sa mga celebrity look-a-likes ko..... Hahaha!!!

"How was that? biruin mo, kahawig ko pala si CATHERINE ZETA-JONES?????":D

How about in this one......

" I look like Jessica Alba, and Michelle Branch??? my dreams.....LOL!"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

4 months

Jaden Meekaila at 4 months!

Milestones - part 2

Jaden's ok na... naglalambing nga lang siguro last week kaya very uncomfortable ..super bait na niya these days. By the way, nakakatuwa pala once you see your baby do unusual things noh? As you can see on the pics above, she can now hold her toys/rattles, she can turn on sides (I considered it just now kasi yung before with our help pa..hehehe), she can already sit, supported nga lang :D, and she can roll over!

Ang bilis talga ng panahon...Jaden just turned 4 months last Saturday, of course, we celebrate it. Pics will be posted on next post.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Two nights na kaming walang tulog ni Jerry. Two nights na ring irritated si Jaden.

I don't know what's bothering her sleep. She cries alot and doesn't want to be put on her crib. She just want to be carried all night. The other night naman okay pa siya. Sobrang happy and naglalaro pa before she sleep. All I can remember is napainom yata siya ng spoiled milk..:(

Yesterday nung ihatid ko siya sa house ng mother ko, ok naman siya kahit maligalig siya nung gabi. I asked my mother to observe her kasi baka nga magka diarrhea or magsuka. Pero pagsundo ko kahapon after office, di naman daw siya nagka-diarrhea. Haaay....ang hirap talaga pag baby ang ganito. Hindi mo naman matanong kung anong masakit sa kaniya dahil di ka naman sasagutin. I asked her pedia this morning, sabi niya observe ko pa rin daw. Nagaala talaga ako sa baby ko.

Ano ba ang mangyayari sa baby na nakainom ng spoiled milk???

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


ang bait-bait ng Jaden ko..

last Sunday, we were at mother's house. She was playing and gigling and was so charming..then all of a sudden quiet na siya...pagtingin ko tulog na pala..

look at her....ang bait! :D

Saturday, September 16, 2006


It was Jaden's cousin - Alyssa's 2nd birthday. Each kid got to take home a balloon..even my Jaden :D

She enjoyed playing with it....

Monday, September 04, 2006


Jaden's first date with us :D .... Sta. Lucia East Grandmall

lakwatsera na at 3 months!

with daddy

Friday, September 01, 2006

Milestones - part1

Jaden's Milestones...

..first time she actualy laughed : August 20, 2006. 8:57 p.m
..first time she hold her head up: August 18, 2006

hmm...I was inspired by
Mai to do LOs..below are the outcome of the creative side of me..

Raechell knight Mama's kitchen quickpage
Program used: PS 7.0
Fonts: Journaling:Angelina, Title: Charrington

I love this one, the poem really touched me...

Raechell Knights Wildflower Pagebytes-Quickpage
Program: PS 7.0
Fonts: Journaling: Angelina, Title: Richard Murray

Baby's Word: by Frank Greg (netpoets)
Although I am small and cannot say a word
these thoughts of my family I wish could be heard . . .
I feel all your love and the kind things you do.
I get so excited that I smile and coo.
A soapy warm bath or the comb through my hair
all your soft whispers that tell me you care.
Then wrapped in your arms it is safe and secure
protected with tenderness that is perfect and pure.
And if ever I'm messy, hungry, or coldwith
just a small whimper I'm quickly consoled.
You kiss and caress to stop me from weeping
then patiently wait 'til I'm comfortably sleeping.
You make my life joyous, full of colors and fun
when I see you each morning your face is my sun.
So, if you aren't certain your gestures are felt
look deep in my eyes and I'm sure you will melt.
They say I'll grow fast like the blink of an eye
but do not be sad at the time that goes by.
Because I'll remember all you've given and shared
to get me through life completely prepared.
I'll be the great one who stands out in the crowd
your hearts will be happy I'll make you so proud.
I thank you so much for all that you do
and never forget that I love you, too.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Captured Moments

Yawning Jaden..."girl na po ako mommy..."(ear pierced:8.25.2006)

Ready to rumble?


Friday, August 25, 2006

My Birthing Kwento

This is long-overdue birthing story....

May 27, 2006 (Saturday)
My weekly check up. Ok naman daw kami ni baby...Sabi ni doc 3cm na ko so now is the time para magpatagtag. She adviced me to walk more often. She also told me na magpa biophysical score on Monday para malaman namin ang position ni baby. Natuwa naman ako kasi last day of work ko yesterday so I have plenty of time pa para magpatagtag.

May 28, 2006 (Sunday)
I'm a bit anxious na manganak na talaga but still no signs of labor yet...I went to church as usual. I just prepared for my BPS tomorrow.

May 29, 2006 (Monday)
Woke up early for my BPS. Super heavy na ang pakiramdam ko sa tiyan ko. Feeling ko malapit na talaga lumabas si baby. I'm also keen on monitoring her movements. Gumagalaw naman siya lagi para nga akong may octopus sa loob ng tiyan even on our way to the clinic.

Pagdating sa clinic, sabi ng nurse balik daw ako ng 10:30 kasi wala pa yung mag-uultrasound. So uwi ulit kami ng ate sa bahay. Kumain ng konte, by 10:00 balik kami sa clinic. Tamang-tama naman andun na yung sonologist. Tinawag na yung name ko so pasok na ko sa loob ng room. She started checking baby... No movement... check niya yung parts ng body ni baby, ok naman. She checked the heartbeat, meron naman. Then check niya ulit yung movement, wala pa rin. She asked me to lie on my left side for ten minutes tapos sabihin ko daw kung may movement na. Sunod naman ako. Meron naman. Nararamdaman ko na gumagalaw baby ko.

"Doc, gumagalaw naman po siya."
"Madalas ba? Pakiramdaman mo uli. Hindi kasi siya gumagalaw sa monitor eh. Yun yung gusto malaman ng OB mo kaya ka niya pina BPS."

Ok fine...naisip ko lang. So after 10 minutes, chinek niya uli. Wala pa rin daw movement. Hindi naman na uli gumalaw si baby...bakit kaya? Kampante pa rin ako. Alam ko kasi gumagalaw baby ko.

"Ok. Sige pwede na to". She told me to wait outside for the result. After siguro mga 10 minutes, tinawag uli name ko. Pagbigay ng result binasa ko naman.
Sabi ng result:

Fetal Tone : 0
Fetal Movement : 0
Fetal Heartbeat : 2
AFI (Amniotic Fluid): 2
Bio Physical Score : 4/8

Hindi ko naman pinaniwalan yung result kasi pagdating namin sa bahay, gumalaw naman ulit si baby. Pero I texted pa rin the result to my OB. Mga 11am na yun. She didn't reply. I thought ok lang lahat.

3:30 pm. Dumating si Jerry from work. Nagyaya mag-mall. Go naman ako. Sa isip ko, maganda nga magmall muna ako ng makapag lakad-lakad. Kasama namin ate ko and her 2 year-old daughter. We went to Sta. Lucia East. Lakad lakad kami. Enjoy na enjoy naman si Jerry. He acted na parang daddy ni Alyssa. Then we went to World's of Fun para makapag rides ang niece ko. I just stayed naman sa bench kasi pagod na talaga ako. Namamaga na ang binti ko kakalakad :D. Sabi ko after nila mag play kumain na kami kasi gutom na ko. Mga 7pm, I received a call from my OB. She said that time lang niya nabasa ang text message ko dahil nagtake daw siya ng antihistamine dahil sobrang sakit ng ulo niya at nakatulog siya. Sabi niya, hindi raw maganda ang result ng BPS ko. Hindi daw ako pwede i-induce kasi the baby needs to be remove in kailangan i-CS ako. Hindi na daw ako pwede abutan ng bukas. She advised me to go to the hospital immediately. I was shocked. I prepared my self naman for a normal or a caesarian delivery. But I did set my mind na normal lang ako. After the call, shock pa rin ako. I told Jerry everything. Hindi din siya makapaniwala. Ate ko naman advised us to consult another OB for a second opinion. Hindi pa kami nito kumakain ha, at hindi na talaga kami kumain pa. I texted my sister who works at St. John The Baptist hospital (malapit lang ito sa mall) na pupunta kami para maghingi ng second opinion sa OB nila dun. Pagdating namin dun, hindi pala niya naintindihan ang message ko. Nakaalis na ang OB... We went to another OB na malapit sa bahay. I told him (lalaki po kasi siya...kaya kahit malapit siya sa bahay namin hindi siya ang naging OB ko :D) everything. He checked the baby's heartbeat, Ok naman daw. Pero based on the result if he's my OB he will do the same daw. He's just not sure kung accurate yung BPS ko. But we can't outwit it since wala ng bukas na clinic para magpa-second ultrasound. It's past 8 na kasi. Super late naman daw nagreply ang OB ko. Kung mas maaga sana nagawan pa ng paraan para ma-proved kung distress na nga ba si baby o hindi. Wala akong magawa that time kasi super confused na ko on what to do. I was really crying. I thought, sinadya ba ng OB na late magreply para I won't have a choice kundi mag pa-CS?

We went home. Nakapre-pare naman na ang mga gamit namin so naligo lang ako. Habang naliligo umiiyak pa rin ako at matagal ko tiningnan sa mirror ang sarili ko. I thought "This will be the last time na makikita kong clean ang belly ko. After today, May scar na siya...huhuhu..." :(

Nagprepare na rin si Jerry. Sa bahay naman ng mother ko, nagprepare na rin sila. Before kami umalis ng bahay, nag-pray muna kami. We just entrusted everything to God. After praying, I thought ...haay...this is it na talaga. Kailangan lakasan ko ang loob ko. We went then to my parent's house muna kasi andun ang mga sister ko na sasama samin sa hospital. Umiiyak pa rin ako. Ewan ko ba. Hindi ko lang siguro matanggap na CS ako :D. Ate ko naman kept on encouraging me and saying na ngayon dapat ko isipin hindi lang ang sarili ko kundi ang kalagayan ng baby ko. Don't compromise. Mga past 11 we went to the hospital na. On our way, mixed emotions pa rin ako. Excited na makikita ko na baby ko but sad na I will went under the knife. Pagbaba ng car sabi ko I wll pee muna...dahil sa nerbiyos siguro. Sabi ng sister ko meron naman daw CR sa ER dun n lng daw ako mag wee-wee.

Pagdating sa ER, eto na. Inaabangan na pala ako ng mga nurse doon.

"Ordoña po ba? Yung kay Dra. Tan? Cge po higa na lang po kayo dun (sa stretcher). Sunod na man ako. Kinuhaan ng BP, tinusukan ng dextrose, nilagyan ng oxygen. I thought, ano ba, wiwi-wee muna ko no... "Ay sige po, dun po ang CR"..kasi naman dirediretso hindi man lang nagtatanong kung ok na ko..hmp!"

Dumating naman na OB ko. Nagsorry siya dahil nga late ang response niya. After niya, dumating naman ang pedia ni baby. Ayun, dire-diretso na ko sa OR. On my way there, Jerry kept on saying..."Lakasan mo loob mo...kaya mo yan..."

Pagdating sa OR, andun na ang mga nurse assistants. Preni pare na nila ko for the operation. Nung ready na ko, they called in the anesthesiologist. Haay... grabe pala ang feeling ng may ige-general anesthesia.

"Ok...Mhay wag gagalaw ha. Invasive ito. Masakit pero tiisin mo lang... after nito wala ka ng mararamdaman." Nag chi-chill na yata ang buong katawan ko that time kaya nakagalaw ako ng konte. Hirap kaya ng position ko. Ang laki ng tyan ko tapos pina-curve ako ng sobra.

"Ok. Iangat mo nga ang right leg mo...hindi na ba maigalaw? Yung left leg naman...naangat pa? Ok. Sige isa pang tusok."
"Hindi natin kasi pwedeng biglain kaya unti-unti lang muna, maya-maya mararamdaman mo na ang effect niyan."
True enough, ilang sandili lang numb na half ng body ko. Gising pa rin ako ng mga sandaling iyon. May monitor na nakakabit sakin for my blood pressure. Ilang minutes pa, mga 12:30 pumasok na ang OB ko. Ang anesthesiologist naman stayed on my side para daw hindi ako makatulog muna. Kinakausap niya ko at sinasabi niya in detail yung mga nangyayari...

"Ayan May, kina-cut ka na..."
"O diba wala kang naramdaman? Malapit mo na makita baby mo..."
"Ayan nilalabas na siya..."
This time, I can feel nga na may hinuhugot sa loob nga tiyan ko pero walang pain.

"Ayan, nakuha na siya!".. then I heard my baby's cry. Ang lakas niya umiyak. Pagkarinig ko sa kanya I can't explain pero sobrang happiness ang naramdaman ko. Dinala nila sa side ko si Jaden para makita ko. Wala akong naisip kundi..."Ito na siya! Anak ko to..."

Her arrival..May 30, 2006 12:56 am

After mailabas ang placenta, kinlose na ang sugat ko then tinusukan na ko ng pampatulog, pero hindi ako nakatulog. Ewan ko ba. Naririnig ko pa rin ang iyak ni Jaden. Sa labas pala ng OR andun si Jerry at kinukunan na ng picture. :D. Nang matapos ang lahat, they wheeled me na sa recovery room. Hindi ko na alam kung ilang oras ako sa RR pero hindi talaga ako tulog na tulog. I'm aware na may nurse na nag mo-monitor sakin. By 3:30 am, dinala na ko sa room ko where Jerry and my sisters are waiting. Jerry asked me agad kung ok na ko. He said nasa nursery room na si baby. At ang ganda daw ng baby namin. Pagkatapos nun, nakatulog na ko ng dire-diretso.

Closing my belly..:D

May 30, 2006
7:00 am, nagising ako. Dumating na parents ko and my sisters. By this time, nag subside na effect ng anesthesia kaya masakit na pakiramdam ko. Hindi pa ko makatayo kaya sisters ko pinapapunta ko sa nursery room to check on baby at picturan din :D. Hindi pa rin ako pwede magsalita. Kaya pag nakikkipag usap ako sulat lagi sa papel. I'm excited to see Jaden pero hindi ko pa kaya kaya tiis tiis muna ko.

May 31, 2006
Hindi pa rin maganda ang pakiramdam ko. There's pain at kakatanggal lang ng catheter sakin kaya hirap pa ko mag-pee. Pero at least nakakapag lakad na ko. Maya-maya pumasok ang nurse at nanghingi ng damit ni baby. I asked kung pwede ko na siya i-room in.. kami daw bahala. Naisip ko din kasi doble charges ng room namin, kaya I decided na mag room-in na siya sakin. Sabik na rin ako makita siya. Maya pa dinala na siya sa room. Pagkakita ko sa kaniya parang lahat ng pain ng panganganak nakalimutan ko na.

now a family

We stayed until June 1 sa hospital. Pagkabayad namin nagprepare na kaming umuwi. (We spent 33K++ less the Philhealth. Mura na siya for a CS compared sa ibang hospitals ha.) Pagdating namin sa bahay may konting salu-salo for the new member of the family.

Friday, August 18, 2006


I did this LO to capture that moment I found Jaden really curious about her mittens... :)

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Dear Little one, we never dreamed you’d be so beautiful in all of the times we tried to imagine every last detail of who you would be through all of the nights we spent quietly thinking of how we would feel when we first looked at you, we patiently waited and silently wondered, we hoped and we prayed and we tried to imagine…but we never dreamed you’d be so beautiful…love mommy and daddy

Monday, August 07, 2006

We're back!

I can't believe how quickly two months have flown! It's time to accept the reality that I need to get back to work. It's hard. Especially when I already got used to Jaden being attached to me, being with her the whole day...and now, leaving her for a couple of hours saddens me. But that's a fact I had to accept. I need to get use to our new set up. For the meantime, mother is taking care of her and I will just fetch her after work.

The first few weeks of her life had been a challenge to our faith, finances and our being new parents. (see previous post). But thank God, we get by. God never failed to show us that He's always there and always approachable. I'm very much happy to announce that her CT Scan result was NORMAL with no significant findings...which means we have to worry no more. She's back to her normal activity and no more antibiotics to take... Thank God.

I'm also glad that I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight and shape... that Fast! Well, I guess I owed that to my round the clock taking care of my baby with just a couple of minutes to take a nap. They say that breastfeeding will help us go back to our prepregnancy shape...unfortunately, I'm one of those who are not blessed with free flowing milk... :D, I breasfed her for just two weeks. But still, I'm amazed that I'm back in my old self again. I just missed though the time I was breastfeeding her... it was realy a wonderful experience. As a new mother, taking care of her was exhausting, exhilarating, scary, and wonderful all at the same time. And I enjoyed it. Having her really changed my life...our lives.

Jaden is at a really fun, interactive stage right now - gurgling, smiling and kicking her legs when she's happy. I talk to her often and she responds with her cute "coos". She looks at me and smiles as she sees the movement of my lips. As per Jerry, I think he's enjoying his being a father to her. I remember the first time he changed her wet nappy, I was really laughing since he didn't know how to do it.. But now he's learning. He's an excited dad.

Speaking of Jerry, we are doing pretty well as a couple. And now, having Jaden seemed to make our bond stronger. We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary last July 23. It's not an extravagant celebration since we were still at the stage of trial because of our daughter. We just enjoyed our free anniversary cake from Alex Franco (it was really yummy!) and had a romantic dinner in the ambiance and comfort of our home (where else?). Jerry gave me a dozen pink roses. It was sweet. I didn't expect a more expensive gift... The good health God gave to our daughter and the normal results of all her tests was the best gift we've ever received this year.

Lastly, I want to thank all those ladies who visited my blog and prayed for our daughter..It helps to know that there are people who are very much concern and always willing to help through prayers. Thank you very much!

My blog is now up and running again..I will be posting my baby's development from time to time..when I have the time of course :D

First Time DAD

Baby's CT Scan

Our cutie.... active and healthy

my 12 pink roses

Our free anniv cake from Alex Franco....after feasting on it! :D

9 weeks

Jaden at 9 weeks

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


There's a rainbow after the storm....

Truth. We've had enough emotional pains the past weeks, but truly God is in control and He answers prayers.
Our baby was confined to the hospital two weeks ago. She was diagnosed of Neonatal Siezure. We actually don't know kung bakit. I just oberved nung 7th day of life niya, after her BCG vaccine, her hands and feet twitches kapag mahimbing ang tulog niya. I was disturbed kaya I asked her pedia kung normal lang ba yun sa baby. She asked us to bring the baby to her para ma observed.

When we brought her to the hospital, she explained to us na normal naman ang activity niya nung lumabas siya, even the results of her new born screen is normal. Wala din naman ako naging sakit or infection nung pinagbubuntis ko siya but to be sure, she'll oberved the baby and perform several tests. She also did lumbar puncture to get spinal fluid. Sabi ng doctor, para malaman if she has infection sa brain and to rule out meningitis. Three days kami nag stay sa hospital and during those days, naawa talaga ako sa baby ko. Unsuccessful kasi ang lumbar puncture niya and 3 times yun na ginawa... tapos kinukuhaan sya lagi ng dugo...she's too young to experience those pains eh. Sabi ng doctor, she needs to undergo 4 procedures to rule out any abnormalities. 1st is the Lumbar Puncture, 2nd is the cranial ultrasound, 3rd is the EEG and last is CT Scan. She'll take antibiotics thru IV untill maging normal result ng lumbar puncture niya. Cranial ultrasound results show normal naman and no blood clot sa brain or water. Until the thrid day hindi naging successful ang lumbar tap sa baby ko, but we decided to take her home and give her home meds na lang.. Si jerry ang nag-iinject ng antibiotics sa kanya thru heplock.

The doctor told us to bring the baby back after 5 days to try again the lumbar tap. During those days we are realy praying hard na sana pagbalik namin successful na at makakuha na ng fluid..Our friends and relatives are also praying for our baby. And God anwered our prayers, successful ang pag tap sa kaniya and the result is negataive from any infection. We felt so relieved. The doctor sad the siezure is benign and she'll just outgrow it. But we still need the EEG and CT Scan to be 100% sure. She had these tests and we're just waiting for the result. We are positive that God is in control of everything and the result is normal.

Now, she's 1 month and 4 days old na.. She still had mild siezures but I'm confident na wala lang yun. We are trusting God and we believe that everything will be ok.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Back to Blog World!

I'm back to blog world!!...

and yes... finally, meet our JADEN MEEKAILA...

Her arrival..May 30, 2006 12:56 am

I finally met her...

2 weeks old

she arrived on May 30, 2006 at 12:56 am. by c-section. 7.9 lbs, 50 cm.

It's a long story why i went under the knife, my birthing kwento to follow.. rest muna ko... :D

Thanks to all who dropped by and wished me well on my delivery. salamat po!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Maternity Leave

Today is my last day here in the office.

Finished with the things to be turned-over to my releiver....

I hope everything will be ok when I get back..hmmmm....

I'm getting closer to D-day, I'm excited. :D

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

False Alarm

I'm now on my 37th week.. 37 weeks and 1 day pregnant, to be exact.

Last Sunday, I visited my OB for my weekly check up. She examined me again and it really hurts! Good thing, the baby is doing ok (150 bpm).. She said that I'm already 1-2 cm and she estimated that it can happen anytime this week. I felt relieved. She said also that I can now go to the mall and do my walking exercises. Kaya naman, after my check up, go kami ni hubby sa mall. When we went home, ok pa naman pakiramdam ko. I stayed at my parent's house since Jerry need to go to Mandaluyong pa for a meeting engagement.

Things suddenly went bad by 8:30 p.m. I had contractions. Inobserved ko muna kasi feeling ko na stress lang ako. but as I observed, naging frequent siya with 5 minutes intervals and painful na. Observed ako uli, by 9:30 p.m nagco-contract pa rin siya and may pain na rin sa lower back ko so sabi ko baka labor contractions na to. Kinakabahan na talaga ko.. My mother sent my younger brother sa house to get my hospital bag..just in case..

Patuloy pa rin contractions ko. I texted na my OB. She said observed ko pa raw, if hindi ako nakatulog and the following day, tuloy tuloy pa rin contractions with 5 minutes intervals or less, I should go to the hospital na. By 11 p.m. Jerry fetched me and I decided to go home muna since sabi ng doctor observed ko pa daw. It was a torturing pain... I was crying na talaga. I was up until 2:30 a.m. with the same contractions. I thought she's coming out na talaga... Buti na lang she didn't. [ I told her not to come out last night because I still need to go to the office and turn over some minor things. She cooperated naman. (masunurin ang baby ko :D)] Jerry was very supportive that time. I can see his concern and of course, his excitement. We just prayed that if it's time na, make it easy for me. But if not, give me the comfort at makatulog na ko. After praying, I went to the bathroom to pee, there's blood na, but still minimal. I went back to our bed and endured the pain it was already 2:30 am. Thank God, nakatulog na ko. When I woke up this morning, wala na contractions and minor lower back pain na lang. I believe God heard our prayers.

I'm planning to file my ML this week and avail it starting next week. I feel that This has been a long pregnancy already and I'm so anxious na to feel comfortable again.. and of course, to see my baby. I'm praying also that God will make our waiting much shorter. I know He's always there and He knows, and will not forget, that there's a human inside me that needs to come OUT :D!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Final Stage

I dropped by Aggie's blog and saw little Martha..finally! I know Aggie's super excited with the new member of their family.. congrats Aggie and Edil!

As for me, I had my weekly check up last Saturday, I told my OB that I had several contractions lately and a feelling of a burning pain pressing my pelvic bone...and I'm still just approaching my 36th week.

She performed an IE and found out that my cervix is effacing already. She advised that I take 1 week bed rest to avoid pre-term labor. She said that if I won't take a rest baka masyado ako matagtag at mapaaga ang panganganak ko. Ok lang daw kung next week pa ko mag labor (37 weeks na ko) wag lang daw ngayong week na ito. Mahirap na mag pa-incubator!

She also said na baka hindi ko na abutin yung EDD ko which is June 11th. Upon hearing that, I had mixed emotions.. first, ayoko pa kasi mag leave until maglabor ako eh, and a week leave...for me matagal yun so sabi ko siguro kahit 3 days muna observe ko after that we'll see. Second, I felt excited.. excitement to know that I'm now on the final stage and can't wait to see baby Jaden. malapit na pala... then, I feel scared and nervous. Nervous about the pain of labor! Whew!....

Now, I'm still here in the office. (Matigas ang ulo ko noh? :D) I need to make bilin kasi sa aking releiver for my 3-day leave. Need to fix some things pa so that ok pag balik ko next week (kung hindi pa ko manganganak :D)..

Haay..the long wait will be over... I'm on the final stage! cant believe it, ang bilis ng time. I'm praying for a safe and normal delivery.. hope you'll pray with me too. There are alot of fears and apprehensions (which is normal daw sa mga pregnant mothers).. But I'm trusting God.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


All is set.... just waiting for her arrival....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jerry's birthday

Last Sunday, we celebrated Jerry's birthday... actually, it was a little surprise for him. :D

This is his first birthday with a wife na, so I thought maybe I should at least prepare some dishes for him and his bisita. Kaya lang when I asked him if he wants me to prepare sabi niya wag na lang...

but still, I can't help but do something for him eh.. so I asked my mother's help Saturday afternoon since I know I can't do the preparation on my own. And I want it to be a surprise nga, I don't want him to have an idea that I'm preparing. So the cooking and all the preparation will be handled by my mother sa house nila. She will just deliver the food Sunday afternoon sa house namin.

After our church service, I just acted casually and I didn't gave him any idea of what's happening sa house namin. He asked what should we buy for lunch.. I told him dumaan kami sa market to buy something. (Actually this is an alibi.. my sister texted me kasi na hindi pa raw ready eh, malapit na kami sa house). What's funny is that we saw my father along the way na may dalang pancit sa bilao papunta sa bahay nila.. sabi ng husband ko "buti pa sila may pancit".... sabi ko naman..."oo nga noh, buti pa sila..." (di niya alam pinabili ko yun :D ).. actually, pinag drive ko lang talaga siya, kasi wala naman kami talagangbibilhin... Pagdating namin sa house, buti nalang he didn't noticed my sister's bf's car na naka park sa labas at yung motorcycles ng father ko..(mga pasaway!!).. He was really surprised pagbukas niya ng pinto..

After that, we went to megamall and bought him a pair of shoes... my gift.

I know I made him happy kahit simple lang ang preparation and gift ko.

the celebrant, sweating and all, after kumain :D
us with my father na pa-cute :D
mga makukulit na pamangkins

Friday, April 28, 2006

Still a month to go

I'm now approaching my 34th week and I'm praying and asking the Lord to help me and make the next weeks easier for me'.....whew! (Im praying also for a normal delivery! hehe)

I'm experiencing lower back pains down to my knees. My tummy is getting heavier and bigger, and I'm sill having difficulty in breathing... and walking'... and there's still the uncomfortable, sleepless the heat of this season makes it really really uncomfortable for me.. (God, sana matapos na lahat ito :D)...[am I now complaining??? :D]
........but behind all this, I'm super dooper excited na to see my baby! and because of this excitement, I already prepared my hospital and my baby's bags.. and all the things that will be needed when that special day comes.

Im counting the days ánd feeling her kicks and movements, I know just a few more weeks and I'm going to see her na. I'm nervous.. ( just thinking about the pain of giving birth..ooooucch!)and scared... I have this mix emotions now...I know, I cannot be a perfect mom, but what i know is that I can be the best mom for her...

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I began to feel tinatamad lately to do LOs but thinking about my baby inspired me to make one...