Monday, December 19, 2005

What's up?

Dec. 17 - Finally, got our wedding video from Decisive. Very satisfied with our video. Happy!

- Went to my OB for my monthly check up. I finally heard my baby's heartbeat. Soooo Happy! Im glad that everything's ok and normal. :D

- Church's Christmas Celebration. It was so fun. Got home with lot's of goodies! :D

Friday, December 16, 2005


At long last, rest na uli. The first half of this month has been very tiring.. because of our company's Christmas Party. Those restless nights are over and now, I'll have enough time to for my Christmas shopping...and continue blogging! :D

Dec. 15 - Christmas Party! tired, but happy.Enjoyed what we prepared for the company.

Below are some of the pics! (theme: Movie Characters)

Dec. 14 - Still restless. Tired. sleepless. Is this good for preggies like me. Nope! :( but need to finish all the stuff for the party's decoration.

Dec. 13 - Restless. Tired. cramming for the party's decor stuffs. :(

Dec. 11 - Attended church. Our speaker today is Ptr. Butch and we had a good service. After lunch, we went to Discovery suites to buy some stuffs. It was raining but we enjoyed our "shopping"

Dec. 6 - Our 14th month pay! yipee!!!