Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Still here

It's been...what? two weeks since my last post....quite a hiatus. A lot of things happened na but I haven't updated yet my blog..hmmm... tinatamad nanaman?

Well, just want to tell you some of the things I've done and been doing....

I was busy conceptualizing for our Christmas Party presentation..as usual, I'm one of the committee members and I was assigned for that particular task...make a skit for little fun during the party... As of the moment I can't put all of the ideas together.... (*sigh). I digress.

Last week as i was browsing through my W@W emails, I found out that N@W will be having a baby shower party. Eager to find out what it was, I asked Ms. Benz if I can join...even if I haven't signed up yet to N@W. many thanks to Mama Benz for allowing me to come. It was last Saturday Nov. 19 at the Oasis Manila.

So excited...

though, I'm kinda reticent, since Im not a N@Wie yet, I went with my sister and I really had fun during that time. Alot of prizes were given out and I'm one of the lucky mom-to-be to get a price. Thanks to Wyeth.. I recieved 2 packs of Avent Feeding bottles!! yipeee!! Also, each of us received alot of gift packs and loot bags after the event.

the souvenir

the loots and my prize!

I also learned alot of things during that day. Lalo na on breast feeding. I was encourage from the talk of Abbie and Rissa (n@wies) and also on the mayawrap slings. I'm planning of purchasing one when my baby comes. I know It'll be helpsul. Also, I learned that you can teach your babies to talk to you pala even before they actually talk!... Rissa and Abbie also talked about baby signs....

Many many thanks to N@w for coming up with this kind of event. Super helpful and encouraging!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What a day.

I had my fill of that long vacation... really relaxing and refreshing.... I also had so much time bonding with my husband. hmm.... hope there will be another long vacation like that one. Mindoro naman. I digress.

I went to Divi with my sisters to buy Christmas decors. We were there noon time. As expected, a lot of people were all over the filthy...smelly...street... but then, we're still able to get what we went there for. We went to 168 Mall and bought few things. We also went to Tabora were I was able to buy my christmas tree and some other decorations. We were exhausted...and sweaty....plus few rain showers made the place really unsightly... added to that was my not so good experience. My bag was slashed.
Good thing was, the woman (whom I actually see behind my back--possibly the one who did it!) didn't get anything from me! (Praise GOD!) -- I didn't bring a huge amount of money naman....but what upsets me was...my BAG. I love it but now it had to undergo SERIOUS surgery (hehehe). Buti na lang, I bought a native bag at 168 mall so I just transferred all my things there.
The Lord is really protecting us wherever we go. I was happy pa rin and we went home really satisfied with our good buys.

When I arrived home, my husband and I busied our selves decorating the Chrsitmas Tree that I bought....

well...kulang pa ng ribbons and other decors yan...hehehe..