Tuesday, August 30, 2005

W@W Grand EB

The most memorable and super sayang W@W Grand EB! I finally met the persons behind the mails.

The W@W community
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this photo is courtesy of mecsexy :)

from left: bryan, inch, meng, me, mec (standing), joy and john

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Let's cook

Being married means having to learn new things including cooking. I really love cooking! one of my fave spot in the house is the kitchen (san pa ba??). And speaking of cooking, I'm not really a very good cook, more on imbento kasi ako eh :D. I do love preparing pasta dishes. My family loves my pasta every Christmas (different kinds of it every year). Di ko pa lang nata-try mag-bake (hmm...next mission ko yun---baking lesson!). But I'm proud to say that my husband loves everything I cooked for him whenever he's home. Let me share to you one of my favorite, and easy to prepare recipe. (kahit nakapikit pwedeng gawin! hehehe!)

Buttered Chicken Adobo
(adobo is not my favorite but I've learned few things on how to make it a little special)


1/2 kilo chicken (cut into serving size)
1 cup dark soysauce
1/2 cup vinegar
1 tsp. pepper (crushed)
1 tsp. bay leaf
1 glove garlic (minced) -- pero mas marami, mas yummy!
1 tsp. butter
oil for frying

Here's how I do it:

After cleaning the chicken, mix all ingredients except for the cooking oil. make sure that all ingredients are mixed well. Then, marinate the chicken into the mixture for 3-4 hours (or even overnight if you want). Once ready, heat oil in a pan and fry the chicken. But don't over fry. When brown, pour in marinade and simmer for 5 minutes. Serve with love.

I've tried this recipe plenty of times na and it's always a hit. Try nyo din :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

First Monthsarry and A love Story

Time really flew fast. The glitter and stardust of our wedding was over but the love and the bond between Jerry and I remain. We're not even aware that a month has already past. Geeez!

Three years and 3 months ago, we just passed each other by, not knowing that the Lord has something to do with us.

taken 3 years ago...

Let me start with our story....

My love life was a mess when Jerry came into my life. I was spiritually low, but pretending to be strong and okay. I was involved in an unhealthy relationship for 6 years with a man. I was blinded. Later did I realize I have wasted six years of my life committing to a man unworthy of the love I can give. I know that God does not want me to be complacent of my situation that time. He has a high standard when it comes to his child's would-be-partner in life. So I believe that somehow, I can be free and regained my self worth. Somewhere, sometime, I could find the right man for me who will truly value and love me.

It was 2002 when Jerry came. He was introduced to us by our senior pastor. I barely know him. All I know is that he's from Zamboanga and he will be our youth pastor. We then became friends. Unknowingly, he has started liking me and giving me special attention every time we meet at the church. He knew all about my notorious relationship with my boyfriend. He constantly gives me advice as a pastor. He was the one, who opened my eyes and showed me that I still have choices, that I should never settle for less when God intends me to get His highest plan for me. He taught me to make radical decisions.

I started admiring him for that. And I started making steps to what I deem is necessary. I broke up with my boy friend (not because I already love someone else but because I know that was the right thing to do). He wouldn't let me but I was adamant. He started threatening me and spreaded lies about me even to people close to us. Because of that I was hated.

Jerry came to rescue me. He was there for me all throughout that stage of my life. But I was so stubborn. There was a time that I felt I'm missing my ex. Though we already broke up, I have constant communication with him because he wanted me to come back and I gave in. I know how I've hurt Jerry's feelings so much. So I stood up and decided I'm not going to commit the same mistake again. I'll let go of him and move on with my new life. And I'm glad he still accepted me.

I know I have made the right decision for I never felt so loved the way Jerry love me. He's one of the greatest gifts God had given me. I then knew that he has dreamt of me even before we meet. He said God told him in his dream that I'm the one He has destined for him. Sounds corny? Yeah... well, God also confirmed to me that he's the one for me. Well, I'm glad that we found each other in the right place at the right time. Now, we're in love and we're happily married.

Yes, our relationship is not perfect. We had our own flaws and imperfections. But we believe that as we put God in the center of our relationship our bond will last. No love can survive through the years without some scratches and dents. There will be those inevitable conflicts that will cause our relationship to shake, rattle, and roll. But we believe that we can work effectively to steady the ship that we're in, our love will go stronger, more vibrant and mature. The quality and the depth of our love make all the difference in the world. True, we are not the same today as we were three years ago, and neither is our love relationship. We constantly evolve as we mature and our circumstances change. But our love is deepening and we trust God for a wonderful lifetime together.

We're married for a month now and we're counting. We're committed to be married for a lifetime.....For better or for worse, 'till death do us part. AMEN!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Our Wedding

Originally our wedding date is June 25. I want to be a June bride din kasi. But later on, Jerry suggested na July na lang after my birthday. ("Loko din yung asawa ko. Mukhang magtitipid sa gift! Siyempre naman isahang gift na lang siya for our anniversary and my birthday...ang daya!!!) Pero the idea is ok with me so we moved it to July 23.

It was in September 2004 when Jerry proposed. Medyo nabigla din ako nun dahil I didn't expect na seryoso siya sa sinabi niya. Before kasi pag sinasabi niya "Let's get married..." may kasunod na "basta...next year." Pero seryoso nga siya talaga dahil he already set the date. October, I started my preps. I joined
W@W thru Toni then I set up our blog and wedsite na... at first, wala pa kong masyadong mailagay sa blog and other info sa website dahil parang ang aga ng preparation ko, wala pang masyadong nagyayari. Search-search stage pa lang ako nun and when I got ideas, I take note of it and file it on my clearbook. January, namanhikan sila Jerry. After that, nag start na ko bumili ng mga materials for the souvenirs and entourage's dresses.

The preparation was tiring but exciting...Then came the BIG DAY.

July 23, 2005 - 6:00 a.m.

It was a wonderful and beautiful day. The sun was up. I don't know if it's because of excitement or what. Ang aga ko nagising as in! kahit puyat last night. Before ako bumaba I prayed first. I thanked God for the wonderful weather and I asked Him to be with us on our special day.

Everybody was up at 6:30 am. My mother prepared breakfast but I didn't manage to eat a lot. Everyone is relaxed while having chit-chats at the breakfast table.

At 8 am, Ms. Lory was already at the venue to assist with the set up. Around 8:30 am., our service car came to pick us up and bring us to Villa Ronar. My coordinator also texted me that Michelle, my MUA was already there. Grabe ang aga nila! During this time, wala pa akong maramdaman. Parang it was just another normal day...

We arrived at Villa Ronar at 9 am. Balak ko pa nga umalis pagkahatid sa female entourage ko dahil wala pi-pick up ng butterflies sa Acclaim. Buti na lng my brother in law volunteered to pick up our flowers tapos diretso sila sa mega to pick up the butterflies. I just assisted Ms. Lory for other things and gave her some instructions and reminders.

Akyat na ko sa bridal room. Si Michelle naman nag start na sa entou ko. After she finished doing my 3 sister's make up, sinunod na niya ko. I reminded Ms. Lory about the food which we asked a friend to prepare for the early comers. It should be delivered before 11 am. pero 12nn na wala pa, kaya yun gutom na talaga kaming lahat. Dumating yung food kasabay ng team ng Decisive so siempre wala na ko time kumain dahil pagdating nila they started shooting na. Grabe ang gulo na ng room ko. I was surprised din kasi when Mr. Mel Cortez and I talked he told me that he will give me 1 professional photojournalist and 1 trainee pero 4 photographers ang dumating and the videographer. Sobra talaga akong natuwa sa dami ng photographers, hindi ko alam kung san ako titingin. Nangawit ang panga ko kaka-ngiti at kaka-project. Now I know, ang hirap pala talaga maging artista!!

My flowers arrived on time din as well as the butterflies, all of them are alive pa naman. The flowers were all beautiful. Mang Boy ang Mang Jon really did a wonderful job. After shooting my preparation, baba naman sila sa room ni Jerry. That was the time na nakakain na ko. Ang bilis ko kumain kasi after a while I know babalik nanaman sila sa room ko to shoot more pictures of me and my entourage. During that time, it rained! As in ang lakas talaga ng ulan with matching lightning and thunder. I was like..."O, my! Bakit umulan???" I could see everyone's faces, talagang nagpe-pray sila. Naisip ko din, baka sa lakas ng ulan hindi na dumating yung ibang guests. But I didn't worry. I thought titigil din yan before the start of the ceremony...buti na lang covered yung venue ko. Past 3 pm. Umuulan pa rin. I was so worried na dahil iniisip ko pati paano kami mag-mmarch if its raining? The program should start by 4.. 4:00 di pa rin siya humihinto. Finally, I decided na mag start na kami. My coordinator told me na sa loob na lang kami mag march dahil nga umaambon pa rin. I didn't like the idea pero wala ako magagawa. Ayoko naman mabasa ang mga sponsors ko. Baka ma-wash out make ups nila... at 4:30 Ms. Lory arranged the entourage for the processional na. While she and my other friends were lining them up I saw na nag-clear na yung sky and konting ambon na lang so I told Ms. Lory na sa labas kami mag ma-march. Thank God tolerable naman yung ambon although medyo pinayungan ako para hini mabasa. Kainis nga eh, nakapayong ako sa ibang pics! But then, I was so relieved that after all, hindi pa rin na ruin ng rain ang wedding ko.

I then proceed to the entrance gate for my march. While I was there, I could hear na hindi nagawa yung nire-hearse namin for the processional. I don't know what happened kasi yung song na supposed to be sang during the processional hindi na nakanta ng male singer ko. He was able to sing some part na lang. And I was so inis talaga. Pero I just let go. When it was my turn to walk, I waited for my sister. Kasi siya yung kakanta ng bridal march ko and I did'’t start walking until I heard her start singing the first line of the song "Panunumpa". Iba pala talaga ang feeling ng naglalakad sa aisle. I can't describe it. Tense na excited and parang wala na kong nakikita, basta I looked straight (though medyo uneasy ako sa paglalakad dahil pala hawak pa ng isang assistant ang train ko while I was walking). In the middle of the aisle sinalubong ako ng parents ko. Nakita ko nangingilid na ang tears ng father ko. When we reach the altar and it was for my father's turn to answer the question "Who will give this woman in marriage?"... hindi na nakapag salita ng diretso ang father ko. Naiiyak na talaga siya. Pati yung message niya for Jerry while giving me to him, hindi na rin niya nasabi ng diretso. Ang tatay ko talaga...

The ceremony went well naman. Our officiating minister said that "Marriage is not just a contract..." kaya hindi daw dapat tawagin na Marriage Contract kundi Marriage Certificate. Kasi contract only binds two parties for 1, 2 or couple of years but Marriage is a lifetime commitment that only death can separate... Ayan, lifetime na kong committed sa asawa ko. At wala nang solian!

When the pastor announced us as husband and wife, everyone clapped their hands and my MOH released the live butterflies. (it should be released during my march pero nakalimutan na nila so ginawan na lang ng paraan kung saan pwede.) Ok pa rin naman ang effect nila. Parang nag grand entrance ang mga butterflies ko. Sobrang happy ng feeling namin that time. Finally, we're married!!!

After the ceremony, the plan is we will be driving outside to have a photo shoot sa park. Pero dahil nga umulan basa ang lupa so maputik sa park. We had no choice but to stay sa venue and had our photo shoot na lang somewhere. Buti na lang Villa Ronar had a lot of pretty good spots. While we are doing the photo shoot, our emcee started the reception program na. Una syempre parade of the entourage. After that, our grand entrance. Medyo pumalpak din ang song sa grand entrance namin. "Love you more today than Yesterday" kasi yun and my cue is the intro of the song, which is very lively pero nag play yung cd sa 1st part na. Buti naman hindi halata at ok pa rin. During the reception, I saw that everyone enjoyed the food but me. Hindi talaga ako nakakain. I don't know kung busog ako or walang gana. Ganun pala talaga yun. Pero pagkita ko sa asawa ko, grabe kain talaga siya! Jerry managed to finish everything that was served to us. Buti na lang natikman ko ang food during the food tasting. (After nga ng wedding saka ko lang naramdaman ang gutom ko.)

Ang saya ng reception cause my emcee managed it very well. The cake cutting and wine tosting was romantically and perfectly done. The bouquet toss was so fun, nagagawan talga ang mga singles ladies sa roses... During our first dance naman, nagkaroon ng time na makapag sayaw din both our parents and other couple. Ang saya talaga. Marj was able to make them dance. After that, she announced the "Pasabit" tradition and everyone participated. Ang galing talaga ng emcee ko. Hindi ko alam na magagawa namin maincorporate sa program ang money dance or the "pasabit" kasi nahihiya talaga kami. But Marj insisted that we do that and it was a blast!

Another highlight of our program is our duet. After the message of our parents and 2 of our dearest friends, Marj announced that we'll be having a duet. Well, gusto lang talaga namin kumanta para may variety ng konti. The song is very special and memorable to us kasi it was the first song that we sang as a couple (BF and GF). We first sang it during my sister's wedding and 1 month pa lang kaming on nun. Buti na lang madami pang guest and naka-witnessed though last part na siya ng program ginawa (it was suposedly part of our grand entrance) and inantay talaga nila yung part na yun.

Though nag-exceed kami sa time, everything went well. Our AE sa Villa Ronar told us after na ang ganda ng wedding namin. After the wedding nga yung ibang expenses na na-incur namin, binigyan niya kami ng discount. Super talaga ang service ng VR sa amin and the way Queenie, our AE, dealt with us all throughout, wala akong masabi...thumbs up kami! Though there were glitches, indeed our wedding was one of the most memorable parts of our relationship.

In the end, we didn't have any regrets at all. Cause we managed to have a wonderful wedding at less cost. Truly God revealed Himself as our comforter during the times na nagaaway na kami sa preps, those times na magkalayo kami sa isa't-isa, and the provider of our every need for the wedding.

Now, we're married. Bagong role nanaman ang gagampanan ko as his wife. There will be some adjustments. Still there will be good times and bad times, but I'm now confident cause I'm sharing it with my one true love. Though we have unusual set up because of his work, I know that there will come a time na palagi na kaming magkakasama. I know that the Lord will be with us.... MIZPAH

Friday, August 12, 2005

A Review

From director John Dahl comes the stirring true story of one of the most spectacular rescue missions ever to take place in American history: "the great raid on Cabanatuan," the daring exploit that would liberate more than 500 U.S. Prisoners of War in the face of overwhelming odds. A gripping depiction of human resilience, the film vividly brings to life the personal courage and audacious heroism that allowed a small but stoic band of World War II soldiers to attempt the impossible in the hopes of freeing their captured brothers.

Once a tale shared across the United States, the long-lost story of THE GREAT RAID has been recreated with meticulous authenticity to pay testimony to the many different people, from U.S. commanders to Filipino soldiers to women aid workers to the POWs themselves, who played a part in turning this time of intense hardship and unrelenting danger into a moment of inspiration.

I'm not of a movie person but i've been hearing so much about this film so my sisters and I decided to watch it last night. I find the film really touching. Not because of Cesar Montano's presence. Of course it did help a little (One thing we can be proud of is that a filipno artist has been given a big part in an international movie) but I felt that the nationalistic side of me was awakened and stirred up... Filipinos played a major role so that American soldiers can achieved their goal in rescuing the POWs. That's something we Filipinos can be proud of.

Well, I just realized that we, who are living in the present world, are really blessed. We're blessed to have not suffered the pains and hardhips brought by wars. We're blessed that we're now living simply in our freedom. We're the ones who's taking advantage of what our heroes fought for. Freedom that our heroes, known and unsang, have paid for by their sweat and blood. We're blessed that now, we're not experiencing the harsh treatment of Japanese soldiers. We're lucky to have lived in a land of Freedom.

The sad thing is, nowadays Filipinos seem to forget these things. We have already forgotten what are forefathers did for our country. We don't really care for our county. We don't love it as well.. What we have are selfish desires and intentions. Haaay.... Our country is becoming pathetic... Prizes of basic needs are mounting, doctors wants to be nurses, everything seem to rise but not our dignity as Filipinos. We even want to migrate and leave this poor country of ours...

Let's include our country on our daily prayers. No one can love our nation but us.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tagged by Toni

just passing a tag from Toni to fellow w@wies and n@wies...

1. what are the things you enjoy doing when there's no one around you?

well, I meditate..read God's word and meditate on it. I feel refreshed and comforted. I also read magazines and inspiring book and also I write my thoughts and things to do's so as not to forget something.

2. what lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?

Sleeping and just sitting thinking of something with potato chips besides me!!

3. tag five friends and get it posted on their blogs.

Grace and Olie
Nette ni Mike
Velvet ni Gleoh
Jenny ni Tabs
Cynch ni Dexter

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Suddenly lonely

Last night ang drama ko... pano ba naman, I received a text from my sister telling me na miss na daw niya ako. My father misses me too and nagka-cry-cry daw ang father ko???!! He wants me to come back. Ngekk..tama ba naman yun??? 10 days pa lang akong hindi na umuuwi na bahay namin.. and pagkabasa ko, nag-feel senti na rin ako.. Oo nga, na mi-miss ko na rin sila. GUSTO KO NA UMUWI.

Nakaka-miss talaga. Na mi-miss kong katabi yung sister ko sa bed. Nami-miss ko yung awayan naming mgakakapatid, yung pagaasikaso ng mother ko every morning pagpapasok ako sa office... Yung pag saturday, rest day ko at kasama ko ang family ko habang nanonood ng TV. Haaay...

Well part of marriage is leaving your home to live with your spouse and start your own home... and I have to accept that fact.

Pero masaya ako. I'm happy with my new life.

Umuuwi naman ako sa dati naming bahay every weekend. And pag umuuwi ako, special treatment naman ko sa mother ko... hehehe. One of the benefits ba yun??

Wedding Pictures

Posting here some of the pics I love. Hope you'll love them too. enjoy!

with my parents

my hubby and I

the bride


long shot

one of my favorite shot!

with my sisters and mother

a posed with my entourage and with my mother