Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just a peek

Silip lang ako sa blog...I miss blogging (*sigh).

Thank you guys for dropping by. Velvet, Ivee, Paul and Toni..(thank you for coming), Faye, Mai...thank you so much.

I had a very wonderful wedding! With some glitches but still a wonderful one.

Next post will be my wedding kwento and pictures...

Friday, July 22, 2005

The day before

Cramming talaga pero ang saya. I went shopping for other things na dapat ko bilhin. I'm ALONE. I just want to feel it eh. Savouring the moments of my singlehood hehehe. I went shopping for my perfume and other accessories. .. we have rehearsal at 2 pm so I kept on watching my watch. mahirap na malate.

At the mall I met my old friend and classmate and had lunch together. ..a little bonding! Tapos went home na dirediretso sa VR for the rehearsal.

It rained kaya medyo nalate kami sa original sched. mace, my friend and emcee for the ceremony came in at 4. Arnie, our musician came in 3:30 so late na kami nag start. Ok naman ang rehearsal. We had a little chit-chats with the participants. Some of our visitors from Baler came to see the rehearsal din. Jerry's ate was there too.

We waited din for our emcee to came. This is the first time that we'll be discussing about the reception with her. When she came we had a good conversation. I could assessed that she's ok amd everything will be taken cared of. Tapos we left na.

Pagdating namin sa house ang saya! We had last minute tahian. Some of the details of the gown had our personal touches! (done by our creative hands) Tapos manicure and pedicure session.... napuyat talaga kami because my sister and our friend who came to help played videoke and nagkantahan pa until 2 am!

Napuyat din ako last night tapos puyat uli kaya tuloy I had pimple on my forehead!! hehehe.

Ang saya ng feeling but on the other hand.. nalulungkot ako. I'm sure I'm going to miss everyone in the house.

I slept at 1 am na. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

Thursday, July 21, 2005

3 days before

It's My BIRTHDAY!!! yipeeee!

My last birthday celebration as a Miss. And the start of my wedding vacation leave. Went to the market early coz I'm going to cook some food which I 'll bring to the office. Jerry helped me. I cooked pasta tuna carbonara, special turon and chicken lollipop. hmmm. yummy!! Then, we went to our office to deliver the food.

After konting chika, we went to Galleria to buy Jerry's tie and other accessories. Last minute shopping kami!

We went home pagod kakalibot sa mall. Jerry even wanted us to watch movies pero sabi ko last birthday ko na 'to gusto ko sana i-celebrate with my family. So we just bought some food and cake and brought it home. Ang saya pa rin ng B-DAY ko!

Monday, July 18, 2005

6 days before

It's a Sunday.

- Woke up early to attend early service at Crossroad 77. Since our service in Marikina starts at 9:30, we decided to attend service at Crossroad. Service was great.

- After service, we went to Mandaluyong to pick up Jerry's suit. Then we visited his brother who leaves few blocks away from the shop. We had lunch at his brother's house.

- Then, we went to Santolan, Pasig to pick up Clarice's easels. (from w@wie Michelle)

- Afterwards, we went to the apartment to wait for the delivery of the dining set we just bought yesterday as well as the sala set. We started cleaning the place.

Such a great and tiring day.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

7 days before

A very tiring day.

- Woke up early to meet with Queenie (Villa Ronar)
- Met her at 9 am to give full payment and discuss other details.
- Ms. Lory, my coordinator arrived at 9:30
- After a little more inspection of the place we left and had snack at the nearest Jollibee.
- We then went to buy some furnitures for our apartment.
- Went to Marikina Shoe Expo to buy Jerry's shoes. We had a great buy!
- Went to San Juan to check on a dining set that is being offered to us. I didn't like it.
- Went back to Marikina to pay for our apartment and check it again.
- Went back to the furniture shop to purchase the dining set we ordered and asked them to have it deliver the next day.
- Went home and check on other things to do.
- Slept early.

A lot of things to do tomorrow.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Celebrating singlehood

My forever MIB Friend...having our dinner at Gerry's Grill Makati
(clockwise: ME, ms.lory, ms. miles, candice, mace)

Celebrating my birthday and bridal shower... We went singing at IO KTV at Jupiter Place
(clockwise: ms. lory, candice, mace, ms. miles and ME)

8 days before

- Bridal shower from my friends later this evening!
-Done printing rest of the program

This is exciting!

Friday, July 15, 2005

9 days before

A terrible day. I just received a call from my sisters that my mananahi would not give the the rest of the entourage's gowns unless I'll go there personally. She was so indignant and even threw profane words to my sisters. She's really realy terrible and insane! She's saying na masasakit ang mga sinabi ko sa text message ko when I just demanded what is due to me as her customer. I kept my cool even before and just rely on her promises. Pero nakakaubos talaga siya ng patience.

I immediately went to her shop after office and talked to her. Good thing I can still hold my temper that day and hindi ko siya pinatulan.

**the gowns are with us already.
** such not so good experience with her.
** lessons learned --->
be careful in sending text messages. Review first and ask somebody to check if it sounds offending.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

10 days before

- Found our apartment!
- The owner will have to repaint and made some few repairs then it's done.
- We'll be transferring the day after the wedding.

Apartment hunting - - - -> ACCOMPLISHED!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


11 days before

Eleven days to go and I'm getting flared up with my kustorera!!!

Until now, she has not delivered the rest of the entourage gowns and I already paid her in full! Kainis talaga. She always had an alibi and raises her voice whenever I talk to her. She told me last week "ok naman na yun kasi for pick up na lang..madali na yun." hallerrrr!!! does she mean "ok na yun kahit on the wedding day na kunin!!!????" Imbes na di ako ma-stress I'm getting so much trouble with her pa. I gave her the materials for the gowns last February pa, she started doing the cutting of the tela month of May na! Last June, even in the hospital she texted me about the gowns na kesyo an tagal tagal na di ko pa kinukuha bakit daw wala na akong pakialam..Hellooo! nasa hospital kaya ako di ba? She does not understand talaga. She said the other gowns for beadwork pa, 1 month ba i-beads ang 4 gowns??? Tapos para ma-appease siya, I paid her in full, now undelivered pa rin yung iba??? I keep on calling her, she always makes promises na i-ttxt nalang ako pag andun na. Mamaya.. bukas... kelan pa? naiinis na talaga ako grrrrr!!! If I will just level up with her, papupulis ko siya!! hmp!

Haay... anyway, atleast that's the only problem I encountered with my suppliers. So far others were doing good. My make -up artist is so nice talga. She's even the one reminding me and following up with me.

Decisive Moments has been so good din. They will be providing me with the black manequin for my gown, so that would save some of our time and effort for we will not go to Mrs. Leony B's shop pa for her manequin.

Mang Boy Mahusay... so far, natatandaan pa naman niya ang wedding day ko. Dapat lang naman. My coordinator will be meeting him this Sunday for final instructions. Hope it turned out ok.

No problems at all with Villa Ronar. Everything's ok. We just need to finalized the guest list.

Other things to do:
1. My ceremonial matches
2. Pouches for the entourage's gifts
3. Jerry's shoes (need to buy pa)

Jerry's here now and I made him incharge for the apartment hunting. :)

And the rest of us........ pervently praying for a good weather.....

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

It's July!

Oh me, oh my, ! July na!!!

Wala lang... naisip ko lng..ang lapit lapit na!!! Yikes!

Am I ready??? :-)

Friday, July 01, 2005

Kissed and make-up

I feel relieved and I'm happy..... we're OK now!!

Jerry just came home from Baler yesterday. I received a message from him asking me to meet him at the Gateway Mall... though still indignant towards him, I said "ok. wait for me." I tried to answer him as casual as I could since I don't want him to sense my anxiety to meet him too. Honestly..I really miss him and I can't wait to talk to him to settle things that were between us this past few days....

I know Jerry really has his patience on me... though sometimes I would sent him words which I know really hurts, he can still hold his temper... well..most of the time..other times, he don't..^_^ ... pasaway talaga ako minsan... I know that.. but I also know when I'm right or wrong.

So.. we met. We had dinner first... then we talked... then we're ok.

I know there will be more..and I pray we'll surpassed.