Thursday, June 30, 2005


Have you experienced something like you're in the middle of your work and all at once your eyes seems to get wet with tears? Well, I just did a few moments ago.... I was thinking, is it really normal for couples to argue on even tiny little things pag malapit na ang Big day???

I'm hurting and I just want to vent...and this is where i thought I can do this (this is my blog anyway...) .

Lately, Jerry and I seems to argue on alot of things. There were issues that needs to be resolved and it's hard when you're far from each other. It's hard to say everything thru text messages...I hate it. I don't want to stressed my fingers pressing those keys, composing long messages, waiting for responses...

It's just hard... I'm thinking. Am I being super sensitive? Am I the one with the problem? Is this normal?

Hey me. Come to think of's 24 days before the wedding. And you're entartaining these thoughts.

Yes... 24 days before the wedding and alot of things really bothers me. Enough...


Saturday, June 25, 2005


My Update as of Today...30 days to go...

Reception Venue (Villa Ronar Garden)
1. Paid reservation fee and DP (5 hour rental)
2. full payment due on July 16, 2005
3. finalize set up and seating plan on July 16 too

Caterer (Villa Ronar)
1. food tasting & contract signing done
3. paid 50% to date
4. full payment due on July 16th

Cake (c/o Villa Ronar)
1. finalize cake design
2. payment due on July 16

Bride's Attire (Leony Bautista)
1. bride's package already paid in full on June 2005
2. 1st fitting (bodice) done
3. Gown's now with me
4. Pick-up of manequin 3 days before the wedding
5. Shoes – To buy pa

Groom’s Attire

1. suit was delivered to Kuya jonathan's house
2. start looking for shoes

Attire-Female Entourage (Thelma Barbosa)
1. down payment was made
2. gowns for beadwork and details
3. full payment on June 30

Attire-Male Entourage (???)
1. find their own

1. With me na for safe keeeping

Photo /Video (Decisive Moments)
1. pay down payment on June 2 (upgraded my free package for additional video)
2. full payment on the wedding
3. give map and discuss other details

AVP (Mhay - DIY) - ???

Projector & Screen (???)
1. Not sure if we'll be needing one, unless I'll finished doing our DIY AVP

Invites (Kuya Jonathan)
1. Distributed
2. invites for relatives for distribution this week end

Florist (Boy Mahusay)
1. Visit for final instructions and add-ons

Pianist (Arnie Ferrer)
1. payment on the day
2. study tapes and program were already given
3. rehearsal on July 22

Sound System (c/o Villa Ronar)
1. To discuss with them the songs to be played

Hair & Make-Up (Michelle)
1. trial was done
2. payment on the day

Bridal Transport (not sure if we'll be really using one) - FREE

Bridal Room (c/o Villa Ronar)
1. For final inspection on July 2

Keepsake (DIY)
1. To do final details and packaging

Appreciation Gifts (For Sponsors)
1. All set and packed
2. print thank you notes

Other Bits and Pieces
1. Ceremony Programl (DIY) - print 12 more
2. Coins (Aras) - ok
3. Coin Pillow - final details
4. Secondary Veil - ok
5. Leg Garter - ok
6. Cord - ok (DIY)
7. Bible - to look for white one and make decor if can't find one, we'll use my own bible
8. Matches - (DIY) to do pa
10. Candles - to do additional details
11. Ring pillows - ok
12. Guest Sheets - (DIY) ok
13. Frames for table - (DIY) c/o Mira, still not done
15. Place Cards - (c/o Villa Ronar)

Things To Buy:

  1. Robe and slippers
  2. Pens for guest sheets
  3. Undergarments
  4. Baskets for the keepsakes
Is there anything else I missed? hmmm...

Monday, June 20, 2005

Not Worth The Wait!

We celebrated Father's Day yesterday..

After our church service, my family decided to have our lunch extra special..well, a little bit special. We went to the newly opened Marquinton. We all agreed to try Super Bowl of China... grabe! super daming people outside the resto, curious about what's happening, I asked the attendant para magpareserve na din..I was surprised to know na this people are waiting tobe seated pala. Siempre my sister really like to try Super Bowl kaya kahit na we're the last on the list, we patiently waited na lang... as in WAITED! We were there at 11:45..gurom na kaming lahat.. I asked them to look for somewhere else since sobrang dami ng waitlisted baka 2 pm na kami makapag lunch..My two younger sister tried to look for another place pero since Father's Day, everybody seems all there to celebrate...ganun din pala, so we have no choice but to wait.

Kainis talga mag-antay lalo na when you see those people inside na prenteng nakaupo sa loob while we're outside "maputla na sa gutom" hehehe..

When it's our turn to be seated..sobrang thankful ako..but then I thought, how many hour s nanaman kami mag aantay for our food to be served.. well, sad to say ang bagal ng service in..pinaupo lang kami and nobody even came to take our orders! After 20 minutes a waiter came to take our orders na..

Then they served our food.

I could see everyone's faces while eating... sign of dissatisfaction.

When we left sabi nga ng sister ko.. "not worth the wait talaga" I replied.."At least now you know, na experience mo na at wag na tayo umulit..kaw kasi..." hehehe.

Hope not all branches of Super Bowl of China's like this..

Dissatisfied with our lunch, we just decided to go to Sta. Lucia and watch Claudine Barreto's movie, "Nasaan Ka Man".

Still, we had a good weekend! :)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Getting More Organized

With only 1 month and 6 days to go.. here are still the things I need to do:

1. I still didn't have my shoes... .. need to buy it na next week as well as Jerry's shoes. Don't know about him kasi he told me siya nalang bahala.

2. I think I need either to adjust my gown (I lose weight! ) or regain my weight! Because of my diet now, I lost few lbs. that I need to regain.. yoko na yata ipa-adjust pa ang gown ko! hmmm...

3. Meet with Lory to finalize few more nitty-grittys of my wedding...scheduled next week... nad turn-over other things.

4. Make small organza pouches for the female ento's gifts.

5. Meet with my female entourage regarding their gowns and shoes. 'Till now they haven't decided yet if they will have their shoes made by shoetech...mga pasaway talaga, oo!

6. Meet with Mang remind him of my wedding...baka nakalimot na eh..hehehe

7. Meet with Decisive Moments for final instruction. Scheduled next month pa naman.

8. Make my wedding matches and finalized my tapered candles.

9. Finalized schedule of rehearsal...and meet with participants.

10. Prepare all CDs to be used.

11. Finished printing programs for the reception and ceremony... need to arrange it lang and put some accents on the cover

Well, honestly minor details na lang naman lahat yan, and with the help of my coordinator I believe I won't have any problem. I just need to rest and try to gain weight. Honestly, I feel that everything's okay and ready...well, hope so... I don't want to stress out my self again..yoko na ma-hospital! hehehe


This is our invitation...just very simple. A gift from our bestman and Jerry's brother, Kuya Jonathan...

inside pages...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

To my mom.

It's really a blessing to have you in my life. During those times that I'm weak you are there to take care of me. From the hospital till I went home you're there. I saw how you worry about me during those times that I'm in pain. You took care of me like a personal nurse. When I left the hospital you are the one who always remind me of my medicine. You're the one who plans and prepares my everyday meal. Especially now that I have particular food to eat. You're very careful in preparing them.

In our family, we are not very vocal in our appreciations we don't often say the word "I love you". medyo dyahe if personal kaya sa letter or card namin yun sinasabi... But now, thru technology there are text messages...Kaya lang you hate texting...but, I really love you mom. Now, I appreciate even more everything that you're doing for us even the tiny little things matters a lot. If there's one thing that I will surely miss when the time comes that I'll be leaving the house to build our own, .. it's your pagaasikaso. your being our mother...

Thank you 'nay...for everything. I Love you...

Friday, June 10, 2005

And so it happened...

Too much streess plus wedding preps, madee my system finaly failed...

I was brought to the hospital last Saturday and was confined for 3 days due to "Acute Pancreatitis"... I'm not an alcohol drinker. They said that this sickness usually get by alcoholic people. So I.was.shock ako! My doctor told me maybe I'm not eating a well-balanced diet and because of stress. It was still good that it was treated immediately because it may cause infection if not.

I don't usually eat breakfast and loves coke... The doctor said maybe I just din't notice it that my pancreas is starting to inflamme due to improper diet. Now, I should be more careful on my eating habit and advise a no meat diet for 3 to 4 weeks. Low fat, low protein.

It's hard to be in the hospital.. it's my first time to be confined. Now it's onelesson learned. All I need now is proper diet, and rest.

Haay... because of this, our wedding budget was affected :-( .. only 1 month to go tapos na-hospital pa ko...but I know God will provide naman sa mga kailangan namin for the wedding.

Friday, June 03, 2005

A month and few weeks to go..

A screen shot of what I'm curretnly doing...

...sobrang nakakaloka ang gumawa ng seating plan at iayos ang guest list..whew! So far... it's getting organized.

.... it's merely 1 month 2 weeks and 6 days to go..

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Love it.

My Mood:

Yey! I already have my gown!!! hmmmm...what can I say..... I LOVE IT! it was a simple ball gown, with a halter neckline (just what I envisioned it to be). Ms. Leony did a very good job and hindi siya napahiya sakin.. hehehe. I'm super excited, and fit it three times... Even took pictures of me wearing the gown.. but I did not send the photos to Jerry. I want him to see me wearing it on the BIG DAY as a surprise.
I won't post picture here either! hehe.