Thursday, May 26, 2005


Only 1 month and 4 weeks to go..

and few more things to do pero di ko magawa..waaaaaaaa... Im so tied up with work..


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lesson learned and wedding preps

Yesterday, our pastor was sharing about "Storms of Life". He said that a storm's or hurricane's purpose is to keep the balance of nature. It's beyond our control but it was created with purpose. As I was hearing this, I thought, God really is good cause He (sometimes) allow us to walk thru storms of life so we'll realize that He is the one in control and that He is faithful. I remember the story in the bible where the disciples were struck by storms amidst the sea while Jesus was with them sleeping calmly. It was a perfect picture of God's presence in every situation. Jesus is in our boat though we face storms, we can always be assured that He is with us and He's in control. Well, I already said so much, I was just so thankful for the storm that Jerry and I went thru and overcome, of course, with God. I digress.

I wasn't able to post for the past days.. but I was so happy that I have accomplished alot!

Friday, I went to our printer to pick up our invitation. There were minor errors which I think I can easily handle. Honestly, I'm not really satisfied with the outcome. But its a gift to us, so i tink I don't have the right to sigh. I'll just prepare the things needed in addressing them and they will be ready for sending by next week.

Saturday, I went to Ms. Leony's shop for my first fitting. I'm so happy coz my gown is beautiful! (well.. for me!! hehehe!) I like the fit specially on the upper part. My gown is a white jusi accentuated with beads in aqua blue touches. But of course, it wasn't yet finished (the beads aren't there yet!) but I really like it. I'm so excited to see the finished product. I' will pick it on June 4. Ms. Leony was so nice to lend me her black manequin.
well, that's for now. I'll post more next time!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Ten Signs That You're A W@w Addict

I got this from dionne! (All ideas came from her! thanks Dionne!)

10. You start reading an average of 50 emails a day... or at least try to.

9. You start referring to yourself as a w@wie.

8. You take your wedding preparations seriously and try to devote 70% of your life to it.

7. You know the
Weddings at Work website like a back of your hand.

6. You start recommending the w@w website and yahoogroup to your soon-to-be married friends.

5. You know what MIL, H2B, DIY, TMU, OTD means.

4. You unconsciously sign your e-mails to your non-w@wie friends with your name, fianc├ęs name, date of wedding, ceremony, and reception venue.

3. Finishing your suppliers' rating is a dream... other than the wedding, of course.

2. You are now maintaining a blog.

1. Benz is not just a car to you.

I'm mhay... i'm a
w@w addict!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Answered prayer

We already received the final result of Jerry's biopsy and it's NEGATIVE!! Praise God!

Yesterday, I called the Lab to follow-up Jerry's result. The person told me that it's ready for pick up. So with so much anticipation, I went to Clinica Manila and picked up the result. I was quite edgy upon opening the envelope. I'm a bit tense as I was searching for any words that may sum up all that was written. I was looking for something that says "negative" but it was not there.. I read down the details and my heart seemed to leap with joy as I understand the findings. GOD TRULY ANSWER PERVENT PRAYERS!!!... we're now relieved from all the worries and uncertainties.

I texted the result to Jerry at once and He too was overjoyed. He immediately sent the message to his doctor (because the doctor was having her clinic at Asian Hospital so she's not advised of the result yet by the pathologist). The doctor replied that it was just a benign cyst and we have nothing to worry now. She advised Jerry for continuous medication and re-evaluation this Sunday.

Later last night, Jerry sent me a message. Saying how thankful he is for having me beside him during those times. (Of course I was so touched). "Hindi ko daw siya iniwan at pinabayan..and it matters alot to him.." I replied that I did that because I love him so much. He said that this was really a test of ourfaith and love. If the result was positive,the wedding may not push through because I may not marry him anymore or may be he won't be able to say "I do" because of the operation (there's pun intended). Buti na lang daw it's negative.

We stood in faith that He will never leave His servants from any tests of life. Once again, we have proven God's faithfulness

To all those who were with us during our trying times, those who were with us in thoughts and prayers thank you so much. Thanks to all those who prayed with us.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Moving on

Until now, we haven't recieved the result of the biopsy yet. We need to wait until Friday. Habang tumatagal...lalo kaming kinakabahan. But we're resting in God hands and trusting Him.

Though we're facing this test, Jerry and I decided to keep on doing what needs to be done for the wedding.

- We went to the printer last night for proof reading. The invites will be ready for pick-up on Monday.

- I already finished doing our souvenirs for the guest and our unity candle last saturday.

-We already gave the CDs to Solar for installation of the machine last Saturday. The clocks were already done.

-We already finalized the songs for the ceremony and reception. Jerry will just give it to the musician once he return to Baler.

So far everything is going well. Except for the result of Jerry's test. We are moving on with our lives not entertaining negative thoughts in our minds. "We're walking by faith and not by sight.."

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Faith & Hope

Sometimes we want people to know what are we going trough but as this moment, I just want to keep silent and trust God...

All the while I thought I'd never come to the point of having to fear about something. Now, it's here.

I'm worried and scared and I'm resisting this feeling...

I thought yesterday will be a great day for the two of us. Jerry just came home from Baler to attend our scheduled Family Planning seminar -- a requirement for the marriage license (which we already have now) and of course to celebrate his birthday and our 2nd year anniversary...I also told him to better see an ENT Doctor after to examine his toungue. He's suffering for over a month now from a wound which he first thought as "singaw"..We had so many plans yesterday...I'd never thought we won't do as planned.

We went to Clinica Manila at Mega Mall for check up. I waited for him as he is being examined. I thought everything is fine and we can leave early to proceed with our itinerary. But when he came out, he said we'll have to wait because he needs to undergo an operation and BIOPSY. The doctor presumed that his wound was cancerous. I was shocked!

He said that it was a second opinion now since the doctor in Baler held the same... I can see that he is worried and full of fear...This will be the first time na ma-hospital siya. He was in the operating room for an hour. The mass was removed and it will be brought to the Laboratory for examination. The doctor told him that if the result of the biopsy is positive there will be a tendency of another operation removing the cancerous part. Leaving him vertically half toungued...But according to her since she doesn't know the reason of him having that kind of wound, (you know Jerry lives a clean life without any vices)... the result would be more on 60-40 percent. It's a blessing that the doctor was really good and kind. We will know the result after a week...

We then left the hospital. I am trying to cheer him up and make the situation as casual as I could. At that time I know Jerry was feeling so down...after hearing that, who would be happy? But I am not accepting that fact. I refuse to accept that it's positive. I just trust God and with faith I know that we can overcome this... We've been through a lot. And we won. And I see this as another circumstance that we'll win and we'll overcome.

In the car, we're both silent. I feel that he's so depressed. And he's crying. I embraced him and assured him that everything will be alright. I'll be with him.. The devil won't win over us. Our God is greater than he that is in the world. I urged him to be strong. God knows what we're going through and we can always rely on His promises. He is our great healer and He is the God of miracles.

We are praying with faith and hope that everything will be alright...that the result will be negative.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Rings and Tiara

I feel so happy!! We finally have our RINGS!! (courtesy of my sister) We bought it today at RB Fine Jewelry. It's simple but super nice. We both love it so much. This is it na talaga!

I also visited the stall of Ms. Leony and have my measurement taken already and was able to buy my Hair accessories yesterday at Carolina's... with white pearls and aqua blue cut beads.